2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Note: If a door or trunk is still open when you
lock Model X, it locks when you close it.
Unlocking When the Key Doesn't
If Model X does not unlock when you walk up
to it, or when you press the unlock button on
your key, the key’s battery may be dead. If this
is the case, you can still unlock and drive
Model X.
Child-protection Lock
Model X has child-protection locks on the
falcon wing doors and liftgate to prevent them
from being opened using interior handles. Use
the touchscreen to turn child protection locks
on oroff.  Touch Controls > Settings >
To unlock Model X (and disable the security
alarm),first  position the key at the base of the
door pillar between the front door and the
falcon wing door, on the driver's side of the
vehicle, as shown. Then press the front driver's
door handle. If Model X doesn't unlock, try
adjusting the position of the key. The key must
be in the correct position.
Vehicle > Child Protection Lock.
Note: It is recommended that you turn child-
protection locks on whenever children are
seated in the rear seats.
Drive-away Locking
Model X automatically locks all doors
(including the trunks) whenever your driving
speed exceeds 8 km/h.
Walk-away Locking
Doors and trunks can automatically lock
whenever you walk away carrying the key.
To turn this feature on oroff,  touch Controls >
Settings > Vehicle > Walk-Away Door Lock.
To drive Model X, place the key against the
center console, immediately below the 12V
power outlet, then press and hold the brake
pedal to turn Model X on.
Note: If all doors are closed and you use the
key to unlock Model X, walk-away locking is
temporarily suspended for one minute. If you
open a door within this minute, it does not re-
lock until after all the doors are closed and
you have walked away with the key.
Note: Unlocking Model X using this method
disables walk-away locking. You must
manually re-enable walk-away locking after
replacing the key’s battery.
For instructions on how to replace the key’s
battery, see Replacing the Key Battery on
page 5.
Radio Wave Interference
To avoid any possibility of interference
between a pacemaker and the key antennas,
people with implanted pacemakers should
ensure their pacemaker is kept at least 22 cm
away from any key antenna mounted in
Model X. Antenna locations are shown below:
Opening and Closing
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