2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Towing a Trailer
Before Towing a Trailer
Warning: The trailer tongue weight must
be approximately 10% of the total trailer
weight without exceeding the maximum
tongue weights listed above. Loads that
are balanced over the wheels or heavier in
the rear can cause trailer sway, resulting
in loss of vehicle control.
Before towing a trailer, you MUST:
Inflate tires to the cold tireinflation
pressurespecified   above.
Set Smart Air Suspension to Standard
height (touch Controls > Suspension >
Warning: Always ensure that cargo is
secured in the trailer and will not shift.
Dynamic load shifts can cause loss of
vehicle control, resulting in serious injury
or death.
Engage Trailer Mode (described below).
Familiarize yourself with, and observe, all
regulations and legal requirements in your
state/region that applyspecifically   to
trailer towing. Failure to comply with
regulations can compromise your safety.
Trailer Mode
Adjust side mirrors to provide a clear
rearward view without asignificant   blind
Trailer Mode must always be active when
towing a trailer. When Model X detects that a
trailer has been connected, the touchscreen
prompts you to engage Trailer Mode. When
you disconnect the trailer's electrical
connection, the touchscreen prompts you to
exit Trailer Mode. To engage or exit Trailer
Mode, touch Controls > Driving > Trailer Mode
on the touchscreen.
Then check that:
Model X rests horizontally with the trailer
attached. If the vehicle is tipped sharply
up at the front and down at the rear,
check that you are not exceeding the
maximum towing capacity and tongue
loads provided in the table above.
The Trailer Mode indicator displays
on the instrument panel when Trailer
Mode is active.
All trailer hitch parts and attachments,
safety chains, and electrical connectors
are in good condition and are properly
connected. If any problems are apparent,
do not tow the trailer.
Trailer lights are working properly (brake
lights, turn signal lights, and marker
In Trailer Mode, the following Model X features
are disabled:
Automatic Emergency Braking
Park Assist (rear)
Smart Air Suspension will not make
speed-based adjustments from
Smart Air Suspension does not make
automatic height adjustments based on
saved location-based settings
Side collision warnings are active but
automatic steering interventions are
The trailer tongue is securely connected
to the hitch ball.
Safety chains are properly connected
between the trailer and Model X. Cross the
safety chains under the tongue of the
trailer to help prevent the tongue from
contacting the road if it becomes
separated from the hitch. Leave enough
slack in the safety chains to allow for turns
and ensure that the chains can never drag
on the ground.
All cargo is secured.
The trailer load is evenly distributed such
that the trailer tongue weight is
Note: In situations where Model X detects a
heavy load, it assumes that a trailer is
approximately 10% of the total trailer
weight, without exceeding the maximum
tongue weights listed above.
connected and automatically engages Trailer
Mode. A message displays on the instrument
panel informing you that Trailer Mode has
been engaged. When Trailer Mode is entered
automatically due to detection of a heavy
load, you can change the Trailer Mode setting
only by stopping Model X and engaging the
Park gear, or engaging the Neutral gear and
manually applying the parking brake using the
If the trailer is equipped with a separate
braking system, check that the brakes
work and are properly adjusted. To
provide safe stopping ability, you must
balance the trailer brakes with the brakes
on Model X.
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