2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Auto Lane Change
Note: Auto Lane Change assists in moving
Model X one lane at a time. Moving into an
additional lane requires you to engage the
turn signal a second time when thefirst   lane
change is complete.
Auto Lane Change is unable to accurately
determine lane markings. For example,
lane markings are excessively worn, have
been adjusted due to road construction,
are changing quickly (lanes branchingoff,
crossing over, or merging), objects or
landscape features are casting strong
shadows on the lane markings, or the road
surface contains pavement seams or other
high-contrast lines.
Warning: If Auto Lane Change can not
detect the outside of the target lane
midway through the lane change, both
Auto Lane Change and Autosteer will
cancel. The instrument panel displays a
message instructing you to take over the
steering wheel immediately.
A side collision warning is active (see Lane
Assist on page 86) when you engage the
turn signal.
When Auto Lane Change is active, it is
important to monitor its performance by
watching the driving path in front of you. Stay
prepared to take over steering at any time. On
the instrument panel, the lane you are crossing
over displays as a dashed blue line and once in
your new lane, the lane markings display as
solid blue lines.
The road has sharp curves.
Visibility is poor (due to heavy rain, snow,
fog, etc.) or weather conditions are
interfering with sensor operation.
Bright light (oncoming headlights or
direct sunlight) is interfering with the
camera's view.
A sensor or the camera is damaged or
obstructed (such as by mud, fog, ice, or
The sensors areaffected  by other
electrical equipment or devices that
generate ultrasonic waves.
In situations where Auto Lane Change is
unable to operate at optimal performance, or
can not operate due to inadequate data, the
instrument panel displays a series of warnings.
Therefore, when using Auto Lane Change,
always pay attention to the instrument panel
and be prepared to manually steer Model X.
Model X is being driven very close to a
vehicle in front of it, which is blocking the
camera's view.
Warning: When Auto Lane Change is
actively assisting in steering Model X, the
steering wheel moves accordingly.
Although you must have your hands on
the steering wheel, anysignificant
restriction of the steering wheel's
Warning: Many unforeseen circumstances
can impair the operation of Auto Lane
Change. Always keep this in mind and
remember that as a result, Auto Lane
Change may not assist in steering
Model X appropriately. Always drive
attentively and stay prepared to
movement can cancel Auto Lane Change.
Canceling Auto Lane Change
immediately take action at any time.
Auto Lane Change cancels when you manually
move the steering wheel, press the brake
pedal, or disengage the turn indicator before
Model X crosses the markers on the existing
To disable Auto Lane Change so it is no longer
available, touch Controls > Settings > Driver
Assistance > Auto Lane Change >Off.
Auto Lane Change is particularly unlikely to
operate as intended in the following types of
Driver Assistance
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