2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Getting Maximum Range
Driving Tips to Maximize Range
OFF. Model X shifts to the energy-saving
mode at night (10 pm to 5 am).
ON.Significantly  less energy is consumed
whenever Model X is not in use. The start-
up time of the instrument panel and
Bluetooth could be slower.
Always Connected. Preserves cell
connectivity when energy saving is active.
This allows the mobile app to connect to
Model X more quickly, and provides
immediate 3G internet access when
entering the car. Slightly more energy is
You can maximize your driving range using
the same driving habits that you use to
conserve fuel in a gasoline-powered vehicle. In
addition to driving habits, energy
consumption depends on environmental
conditions (such as cold weather and hilly
roads). To get the maximum mileage from a
Slow down your driving and avoid
frequent and rapid acceleration.
Instead of using the brake pedal to slow
down, modulate the accelerator pedal.
Whenever Model X is moving and you are
not pressing the accelerator pedal,
regenerative braking slows down Model X
and feeds surplus energy back to the
Battery (see Regenerative Braking on
page 55).
Range Assurance
Model X protects you against running out of
energy. Model X continuously monitors its
energy level and proximity to known charging
Keep tires at the recommendedinflation
pressures (see Tire Care and Maintenance
on page 133).
Lighten your load by removing any
unnecessary cargo.
Limit the use of resources such as heating,
signature lighting, and air conditioning.
Using seat heaters to keep warm is more
efficient than heating the cabin. To
automatically limit the amount of power
that the climate control system uses to
maintain the temperature of the Battery
and the cabin area, touch Controls >
Driving > Range Mode > ON.
Touch the range assurance icon, located in the
top right corner of the map/navigation
window, to control what charging stations
display on the map:
The map displays superchargers
The map displays all visited
chargers, Chademo chargers, and
destination chargers. In situations
where a charging location may not
be reachable based on your
currently available driving range,
its associated icon on othe map
displays as semi-transparent.
The power meter on the instrument panel and
the Energy app (described next) provide
feedback on energy usage. With this
feedback, you will soon become familiar with
how driving habits and environmental
conditions impact how much energy Model X
is using.
When you are at risk of driving beyond the
range of known charging locations, a popup
message displays on the touchscreen giving
you the opportunity to display a list of
Energy App
charging locations that are within range. The
list includes destination chargers, and
Use the energy app to view real-time energy
usage. The Consumption Chart displays how
much energy Model X has consumed over the
past 10, 25 or 50 km.
locations where you have previously charged.
When you select a charging location from the
list, Model X provides navigation instructions
and the turn-by-turn direction list displays the
predicted amount of energy that will remain
when you arrive at the charging destination.
Saving Energy
In addition to the popup message that
displays when you are at risk of driving
beyond the range of known charging
locations, a warning symbol displays on the
range assurance icon:
Model X has an energy-saving feature that
reduces the amount of energy being
consumed when Model X is not in use. Touch
Controls > Displays > Energy Saving and
choose from the following options:
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