2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Smart Air Suspension
Jack Mode
Before jacking or lifting, set the suspension to
Jack mode to prevent the self-leveling that
occurs even when Model X is poweredoff.
Press the brake pedal, then touch Controls >
Suspension > Jack.
When Model X is in Jack mode, a red
air suspension indicator lights up on
the instrument panel.
To deactivate, touch Jack again.
Note: Jack mode automatically cancels when
you drive over 7 km/h.
Note: Manually lowering the suspension to
Standard or Low while at a saved location also
removes the auto-raising location.
Automatic Lowering
When Model X is moving above typical
driveway or parking lot speeds, Smart Air
Suspension automatically lowers ride height to
improve aerodynamics and handling. For most
average speed driving, the suspension is
automatically set to Standard. As described
above, when you make manual height
adjustments, the suspension automatically
lowers at increased driving speeds.
When carrying loads, Smart Air Suspension
also maintains a level height between the front
and rear.
You can adjust the speed at which the Air
Suspension automatically transitions to the
LOW ride height by touching Controls >
Suspension > Automatic Lowering on the
touchscreen. This setting is saved to your
Note: You can temporarily override the ride
height by pressing the brake pedal, touching
an air suspension control in Controls >
Suspension, and then manually choosing a
ride height. Your suspension's automatic
lowering setting is restored the next time you
If a fault is detected with the air
suspension system, a yellow
indicator lights up on the instrument
panel. If the problem persists,
contact Tesla.
Using the Touchscreen
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Frank Abass on Sep 11, 2018. Sr. EE

Looks like good support for required owner's manuals