2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Towing a Trailer
Towing Capacity
accompanying towing equipment, or for
your failure to follow the proper
instructions. Damage caused by towing a
trailer is not covered by the warranty.
A Model X equipped with the optional towing
package is capable of towing a trailer. The
total trailer weight (trailer weight including all
cargo and additional equipment), and the
trailer tongue weight, must never exceed the
Warning: Do not overload the vehicle or
trailer. Doing so can cause poor
performance, vehicle damage and loss of
vehicle control, resulting in serious injury
or death.
Warning: Do not use the trailer hitch to
tow/transport Model X.
110 V
SAE Class
III – 5000
lbs / 2270
SAE Class
III – 500
lbs / 227 kg
Tire Pressures when Towing
When towing a trailer, tire pressures must be
adjusted to accommodate the additional load.
Keep tiresinflated  to the pressures shown
below (these pressures override the pressures
that are provided on the Tire and Loading
information label):
V / Y
SAE Class
III – 5000
lbs / 2270
SAE Class
III – 500
lbs / 227 kg
SAE Class II    SAE Class II
Front Tires
Rear Tires
Cold Tire
– 3500
lbs / 1580
– 350 lbs
(158 kg)
46 psi
*Tesla recommends a separate braking system
on trailers with a loaded weight of over 1000
lbs (450 kg). The braking system must be
appropriate for the weight of the trailer.
Carefully follow the instructions provided by
the trailer brake manufacturer to ensure that
trailer brakes are properly installed, adjusted,
and maintained.
(317 kPa)
46 psi
50 psi
(345 kPa)
tongue weight is the downward force
that the weight of the trailer exerts on the
hitch. It must not be less than 10% of the
trailer load. Carrying asignificant  amount of
equipment, passengers or cargo in Model X
can reduce the tongue weight it can handle,
which also reduces the maximum towing
capacity. Maximum towing capacity is
calculated assuming Model X's GVWR (Gross
Vehicle Weight Rating) is not exceeded. The
GVWR is printed on the VehicleCertification
Label (see Vehicle Loading on page 152).
Warning: Check tire pressures using an
accurate pressure gauge when tires are
cold. It takes only about 1.6 km of driving
to warm up the tiressufficiently  toaffect
tire pressures. Parking the vehicle in
direct sunlight or in hot weather can also
affect tire pressures. If you must check
warm tires, expect increased pressures.
Do not let air out of warm tires in an
attempt to match recommended cold tire
pressures. A hot tire at or below the
recommended cold tireinflation   pressure
is dangerouslyunder-inflated.
Note: Maximum towing capacity is calculated
assuming only the required towing equipment
is being used. The weight of additional
optional equipment, passengers and cargo in
the tow vehicle must be considered when
determining towing capacity.
Warning: Never attempt to tow a trailer
when a Model X tire is faulty or has been
inflated using a tire repair kit. A
temporarily repaired tire not designed to
sustain the towing load. Towing using a
faulty or temporarily repaired tire can
result in tire failure and loss of vehicle
Caution: Tesla assumes no responsibility
for damage or injuries resulting from
towing a trailer, for any errors or
omissions in the instructions
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