2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Park Assist
How Park Assist Works
potentially cause serious injury. Always
inspect the area with your own eyes.
When reversing, perform shoulder checks
and use all mirrors. Park assist does not
detect children, pedestrians, bicyclists,
animals, or objects that are moving,
protruding, located too far above or
below the sensors, or too close or too far
from the sensors. Park Assist is for
guidance purposes only and is not
intended to replace your own direct visual
checks. It is not a substitute for careful
Model X has several sensors designed to
detect the presence of objects nearby. When
moving slowly in Drive or Reverse, the sensors
alert you if an object is detected in close
proximity to the front and rear of your
Model X.
Visual and Audio Feedback
When you shift to Reverse, the Park Assist
view displays on the left side of the instrument
panel, showing any objects that are in close
proximity to the front and rear of Model X.
This view closes when you shift into Drive
unless objects are detected close to the front
of the Model X, in which case the Park Assist
view closes automatically when your driving
speed exceeds 8 km/h. When reversing, visual
feedback also displays on the touchscreen,
immediately below the camera view (see Rear
View Camera on page 65). You can manually
close the park assist view on the touchscreen
by touching the X in the upper left corner.
When driving with the Camera app displayed
on the touchscreen, you can switch to the
Park Assist view when driving at speeds below
The sensors are activated when driving less
than 8 km/h.
km/h. Touch the button located in the upper
left corner of the Camera app window. This is
useful if you need assistance with parallel
If chimes are turned on (see Controlling
Audible Feedback on page 58), an audible
beep sounds as you approach an object. You
can temporarily mute the chime by pressing
the scroll wheel on the left side of the steering
wheel or by touching the mute button located
on the in the bottom left corner of the Park
Assist view.
Note: Rear sensors are disabled when a
bicycle is detected or Model X is in trailer
Note: If you are driving with the camera app
displayed on the touchscreen, you can switch
to the Park Assist view by touching the icon in
the upper left corner of the camera app
window. You must be driving at speeds below
8 km/h.
Warning: Never depend on Park Assist to
inform you if an area you are approaching
is free of objects and/or people. Several
external factors can reduce the
performance of Park Assist, causing
either no readings or false readings (see
Limitations and False Warnings on page
Note: If a sensor is unable to provide
feedback, the instrument panel displays an
alert message.
Therefore, depending on Park Assist
to determine if Model X is approaching an
obstruction can result in damage to the
vehicle and/or objects, and can
Caution: Keep sensors clean from dirt,
debris, snow, and ice. Avoid using a high
pressure power washer on the sensors
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