2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Keyless Locking and Unlocking
Locking and unlocking Model X is convenient.
Although you must be carrying a valid key,
there's no need to use it. Model X has sensors
that can recognize the presence of a key
within a range of approximately one metre. So
you can keep your key in your pocket or purse
and Model X detects it.
When you walk up to Model X carrying your
key, pressing the driver's door handle unlocks
all doors and partially opens the driver's door.
If the Auto-Present Front Door setting is
turned on, the driver's door opens
automatically as you approach Model X.
Note: You can choose whether you want all
doors, or just the driver's door, to unlock when
you approach your vehicle carrying your key.
To do so, touch Controls > Settings > Vehicle >
Door Unlock Mode and choose Driver or All.
Double-click to open the rear trunk.
If equipped with a powered liftgate,
double-click to close the rear trunk.
You can also single-click to stop the
liftgate when it is moving.
When carrying your key with you, you can also
open the rear trunk without having to use the
key. Simply walk up to Model X and press the
switch located under the trunk’s exterior
handle. Door Unlock Mode (described in the
note above) must be set to All.
Hold the button down for 1-2 seconds
to open the charge port door.
Lock/Unlock All
•     Double-click to unlock doors and front
and rear trunks. Hazard warning lights
flash twice.
Model X also locks automatically. If you set
Walk-Away Door Lock to ON, Model X locks
when you walk away carrying your key with
you (see Walk-away Locking on page 9).
Note: If the Door Unlock Mode is set
to Driver, double-clicking unlocks only
the driver's door. To change this
setting so that all doors and trunks
unlock, touch Controls > Settings >
Vehicle > Door Unlock Mode > All.
While sitting inside Model X, you can use the
touchscreen to open and close doors, lock and
unlock doors, trunks, and the charge port.
To make it convenient to pick up passengers,
you can also unlock all doors and/or extend
the door handles at any time by shifting into
the Park gear. If you have already engaged the
Park gear, just press the Park button on the
end of the gear selector a second time (see
Shifting Gears on page 42).
Single-click to lock doors and trunks
(all doors and trunks must be closed).
Hazard warning lightsflash   once.
Front trunk (also called the "frunk")
Double-click to open the front trunk.
Using the Key
To quickly familiarize yourself with the key,
think of the key as a miniature version of
Model X, with the Tesla badge representing
the front. The key has three buttons on the top
that feel like softer areas on the surface, and a
metal button on each side representing the
falcon wing doors.
Model X Owner's Manual
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