2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Disabling the Passenger Front
If the status shows the airbags as on, even if
you have turned itoff  (or vice versa), contact
Tesla immediately.
When a child is seated in the front passenger
seat (even when the child is seated in a child
safety seat or booster seat), you must disable
the passenger front airbags to prevent them
from injuring the child if a collision occurs.
Note: Model X has a capacitive touchscreen
and may not respond to your touch if you are
wearing standard gloves. If the touchscreen is
not responding, remove gloves or wear gloves
with conductivefingertips  for use with
capacitive touchscreens.
Note: Rear seats are the preferred location for
seating children in child safety seats.
Warning: Never seat a child in a child
safety seat or a booster seat on the front
passenger seat when the airbag is
activated. Doing so can cause serious
injury or death.
To turnoff  the front and side airbags on the
passenger side of the vehicle, touch Controls >
Settings > Safety & Security  > Passenger
Front Airbag.
Warning: If the passenger airbag control
does not appear to be functioning, do not
seat a passenger in the front seat.
Contact Tesla immediately to have the
vehicle inspected and if necessary,
Warning: Do not use seat covers on
Model X. Doing so could restrict
deployment of the side air bags if an
accident occurs.
When airbagsinflate,  afine  powder is
released. This powder can irritate the skin and
should be thoroughlyflushed  from the eyes
and from any cuts or abrasions.
Afterinflation,  the airbagsdeflate  to provide a
gradual cushioningeffect  for the occupants
and to ensure the driver’s forward vision is not
If airbags haveinflated,  or if your vehicle has
been in an accident, always have the airbags,
seat belt pre-tensioners and any associated
components checked and, if necessary,
replaced by Tesla.
The ON/OFF status of the passenger front
airbags displays in the upper right corner of
the touchscreen. You can also turn the
passenger airbags on oroff  by touching this
In a collision, in addition to the airbags
Doors unlock and the door handles
Hazard warning lights turn on.
Interior lights turn on.
High voltage is disabled.
To restore Battery power, use the touchscreen
to manually poweroff  Model X, then press the
brake to power it back on again.
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