2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Traffic-Aware Cruise Control
If Model X is equipped with Driver Assistance
components (see About Driver Assistance on
page 72) and you have purchased the optional
Autopilot Tech Package, the forward looking
camera and the radar sensor are designed to
determine when there is a vehicle in front of
you in the same lane. If the area in front of
Model X is clear,Traffic-Aware  Cruise Control
maintains a set driving speed. When a vehicle
is detected,Traffic-Aware  Cruise Control is
designed to slow down Model X as needed to
maintain a selected time-based distance from
the vehicle in front, up to the set speed.
OperatingTraffic-Aware   Cruise
The instrument panel
displays a gray speedometer
icon on the left side of the
driving speed to indicate
thatTraffic-Aware   Cruise
Control is available but the
cruising speed has not been
set. Unless a vehicle is
detected ahead of you, you
must be driving at least
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control does not
eliminate the need to watch the road in front
of you and to apply the brakes when needed.
km/h to useTraffic-
Aware Cruise Control. If a
vehicle is detected ahead of
you, you can useTraffic-
Aware Cruise Control at any
speed, even when stationary.
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is primarily
intended for driving on dry, straight roads,
such as highways and freeways. It should not
be used on city streets.
Warning:Traffic-Aware  Cruise Control is
designed for your driving comfort and
convenience and is not a collision warning
or avoidance system. It is your
When driving at your desired speed, set the
cruising speed by moving the cruise control
lever up or down (or pulling itbriefly   toward
you), then releasing.
responsibility to stay alert, drive safely,
and be in control of the vehicle at all
times. Never depend onTraffic-Aware
Cruise Control to adequately slow down
Model X. Always watch the road in front
of you and be prepared to take corrective
action at all times. Failure to do so can
result in serious injury or death.
Warning: Do not useTraffic-Aware   Cruise
Control on city streets or on roads where
traffic conditions are constantly changing
and where bicycles and pedestrians are
The speedometer icon on the
instrument panel turns blue
and displays the set speed to
indicate thatTraffic-Aware
Cruise Control is actively
Warning: Do not useTraffic-Aware   Cruise
Control on winding roads with sharp
curves, on icy or slippery road surfaces, or
when weather conditions (such as heavy
rain, snow, fog, etc) make it inappropriate
to drive at a consistent speed.Traffic-
Aware Cruise Control does not adapt
driving speed based on road and driving
maintaining the set speed.
You can now release the accelerator pedal and
allowTraffic-Aware  Cruise Control to maintain
your set speed. When no vehicle is detected
ahead,Traffic-Aware  Cruise Control maintains
the set speed. If a vehicle is detected,Traffic-
Aware Cruise Control maintains your chosen
following distance, up to the set speed,
accelerating and decelerating Model X as
needed. When the vehicle you are following is
no longer detected,Traffic-Aware   Cruise
Control accelerates back to the set speed.
You can accelerate at any time when driving at
a set speed usingTraffic-Aware   Cruise
Control. But when you release the accelerator,
Model X returns to the set speed.
Driver Assistance
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