2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Collision Avoidance Assist
If Model X is equipped with Driver Assistance
components (see About Driver Assistance on
page 72), the following collision avoidance
features are designed to increase the safety of
you and your passengers:
Forward Collision Warning provides visual
and audible warnings in situations where
there is a high risk of a frontal collision
(see Forward Collision Warning on page
Automatic Emergency Braking
automatically applies braking to reduce
the impact of a frontal collision (see
Automatic Emergency Braking on page
Warnings cancel automatically when the risk
of a collision has been reduced (for example,
you have decelerated or stopped Model X, or a
vehicle in front has moved out of your driving
Warning: Forward Collision Warning is for
guidance purposes only and is not a
substitute for attentive driving and sound
judgment. Keep your eyes on the road
when driving and never depend on
Forward Collision Warning to warn you of
a potential collision. Several factors can
reduce or impair performance, causing
either unnecessary, invalid, inaccurate, or
missed warnings. Depending on Forward
Collision Warning to warn you of a
potential collision can result in serious
injury or death.
If immediate action is not taken when Model X
issues a Forward Collision Warning, a collision
is considered imminent and Automatic
Emergency Braking (if enabled) automatically
applies the brakes (see Automatic Emergency
Braking on page 89).
By default, Forward Collision Waring is turned
on. To turn itoff  or adjust its sensitivity, touch
Controls > Settings > Driver Assistance >
Forward Collision Warning. Instead of the
default warning level of Medium, you can turn
the warningOff,  or you can choose to be
warned Late or Early.
Warning: Automatic Emergency Braking
is not designed to prevent a collision. At
best, it can minimize the impact of a
frontal collision by attempting to reduce
your driving speed. Depending on
Automatic Emergency Braking to avoid a
collision can result in serious injury or
Note: Your chosen setting for Forward
Collision Warning is retained until you
manually change it. It is also saved in your
Forward Collision Warning
Warning: The cameras and sensors
associated with Forward Collision
Warning are designed to monitor an
approximate area of up to 160 meters in
your driving path. The area being
monitored by Forward Collision Warning
can be adverselyaffected  by road and
weather conditions. Use appropriate
caution when driving.
The forward looking camera and the radar
sensor monitor the area in front of Model X for
the presence of an object such as a vehicle,
bicycle or pedestrian. If a collision is
considered likely unless you take immediate
corrective action, Forward Collision Warning is
designed to sound a chime and highlight the
vehicle in front of you in red on the instrument
Warning: Forward Collision Warning is
designed only to provide visual and
audible alerts. It does not attempt to
apply the brakes or decelerate Model X.
When seeing and/or hearing a warning, it
is the driver's responsibility to take
corrective action immediately.
Warning: Forward Collision Warning may
provide a warning in situations where the
likelihood of collision may not exist. Stay
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