2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Regenerative Braking
To Set the Regenerative Braking Level
You can use the touchscreen to change the
level of regenerative braking:
Whenever Model X is moving and your foot is
off the accelerator, regenerative braking slows
down Model X and feeds any surplus energy
back to the Battery.
Touch Controls > Driving > Regenerative
By anticipating your stops and simply
removing pressure from the accelerator to
slow down, you can take advantage of
regenerative braking to increase driving range.
Of course, this is no substitute for regular
braking when needed for safety.
Choose from two levels:
Standard. Provides the maximum
amount of regenerative braking. When
you release the accelerator, Model X
slows down faster, reducing the need
to use the brakes.
Low. Limits regenerative braking.
When you release the accelerator,
Model X takes longer to slow down
and coasts further.
Note: If regenerative braking is aggressively
slowing Model X, such as on a steep descent,
brake lights turn on to alert other road users
that you are slowing down.
The Energy app displays real-time feedback
on the amount of energy being gained by
regenerative braking. You can also display the
power meter on either side of the instrument
panel by choosing Energy using the scroll
button on the steering wheel (see Steering
Wheel on page 37).
Parking Brake
The parking brake automatically engages
when you shift Model X into Park, and releases
when you shift into any other gear.
The amount of energy fed back to the Battery
using regenerative braking can depend on the
current state of the Battery and the charge
level setting that you are using. If regenerative
braking is limited, a dashed yellow line
displays on the power meter. For example,
regenerative braking may be limited if the
Battery is already fully charged or if the
ambient temperature is low.
Note: The parking brake operates on the rear
wheels only, and is independent of the foot-
operated brake system.
Use the touchscreen to manually release the
parking brake (which also shifts Model X into
Touch Controls > E-Brake & PowerOff.
Press the brake pedal, then touch Parking
Brake. If Model X was previously in Park, it
shifts into Neutral.
The parking brake indicator lights up
on the instrument panel whenever
you use the touchscreen to manually
apply the parking brake.
If an electrical issue occurs with the
parking brake, an amber parking
brake fault message displays at the
top center of the touchscreen.
Caution: In the unlikely event that
Model X loses electrical power, you
cannot release the parking brake.
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