2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Climate Controls
Climate Control Operating Tips
To direct theflow  of air inside Model X, move
the interior vents up, down, or from side to
When you use the mobile app to turn on
the climate control system, it
automatically turnsoff  after 30 minutes.
To cool or heat the cabin for a longer
period, you must turn it on again.
To conserve energy, you can limit the
power of the climate control system by
turning on Range Mode. Cabin heating
and cooling may be lesseffective,  but seat
heaters can be used to provide warmth in
colder climates. Touch Controls >
Driving > Range Mode.
If the climate control system operates
more loudly than you prefer, reduce the
fan speed or adjust the airflow  to draw in
outside air (instead of recirculating).
In addition to cooling the interior, the air
conditioning system also cools the
Battery. Therefore, in hot weather, the air
conditioning system can turn on even if
you turned itoff.  This is normal because
the system’s priority is to cool the Battery
to ensure it stays within an optimum
temperature range to support long life
and optimum performance.
Note: You can direct the outer face level vents
toward the side windows to help defrost or
defog them.
Cabin Air Filter
Model X has an airfilter  that prevents pollen,
industrial fallout, road dust and other particles
from entering through the vents. Tesla
replaces the airfilter  at the regularly
To ensure the climate control system
operatesefficiently,  close all windows and
ensure that the exterior grill in front of the
windshield is free of ice, snow, leaves, and
other debris.
To reduce the time it takes to reach a
comfortable temperature in hot weather,
drive with the windows slightly open for a
few minutes when youfirst  start driving.
scheduled maintenance intervals of every
months, or every 20,000 km.
In very humid conditions, it is normal for
the windshield to fog slightly when you
first turn on the air conditioning.
It is normal for a small pool of water to
form under Model X when parked. Extra
water produced by the dehumidifying
process is drained underneath.
To reduce the temperature in the cabin in
hot weather conditions, the fan may turn
on to vent the cabin when the vehicle is
parked (this occurs only if the battery's
charge level is above 20%).
Using the Touchscreen
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