2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Creating a DriverProfile
Maximum acceleration and power are
You only need to adjust Model X once. When
youfirst  adjust the driver’s seat, steering
wheel, or driver’s side mirror, the touchscreen
prompts you to create a driverprofile  to save
these adjustments. Yourprofile  also saves
some of the preferences you make using the
touchscreen’s Settings window.
Front trunk and glove box are locked.
The navigation system does not display
Places (this protects Home/Work
Voice commands are disabled.
Cruise control is disabled.
Most status bar functions are disabled.
The Mobile Access setting is disabled.
A driver can add a new driverprofile   by
touching Controls > Settings > DriverProfiles
(or by touching the driver icon on the
touchscreen's status bar, and touching Create
DriverProfile).  Enter the driver name and
touch CreateProfile.
Starting Valet Mode
With Model X in Park, touch the driverprofile
icon, located to the left of the Tesla "T" on the
touchscreen's status bar, then touch Valet
If you change the position of the steering
wheel, driver’s seat, or driver’s side mirror
after you have saved aprofile,  the touchscreen
prompts you to save the new position or
restore the previously saved position (other
preferences are automatically saved). To use a
setting without saving or restoring, just ignore
the prompt.
Thefirst  time you start Valet Mode, you will be
prompted to establish a 4-digit PIN that you
will use to cancel Valet Mode.
When Valet mode is active, the instrument
panel displays the word Valet above the
driving speed and the Valet Mode driver
profile displays on the touchscreen's status
Note: Depending on date of manufacture,
adjustments made to the driver's side mirror
may not be saved to your driverprofile.
You can also use the Model X mobile app to
start and cancel Valet Mode (provided
Model X is in Park). When using the mobile
app, you do not need to enter a PIN because
you are already required to log into the app
using your MY TESLA credentials.
Note: Valet Mode is a built-in driverprofile
used to limit speed and restrict access to
some Model X features (see Valet Mode on
page 36).
Restoring a Driver’sProfile
Note: If you forget your PIN, reset it from
inside Model X by entering your My Tesla
credentials (which also cancels Valet Mode).
You can also reset your PIN using the Model X
mobile app.
To adjust Model X based on a
driver’sprofile,  touch the driver
profile icon, located to the left side
of the Tesla “T” on the touchscreen’s
status bar. Then choose the driver
and the saved adjustments are
automatically made.
Warning: Do not use Valet mode when
towing a trailer. Torque limitations can
make itdifficult  for Model X to pull a
trailer up a hill.
Saved Driver Settings
Cancelling Valet Mode
To see what settings are associated with your
driverprofile,  touch Controls > Settings >
DriverProfiles.  Then touch See what’s saved.
A popup window lists the settings that are
associated with a driverprofile.  These settings
vary depending on the version of software
currently running in Model X.
With Model X in Park, touch the Valet Mode
driver icon on the touchscreen's status bar,
then enter the 4-digit PIN.
When you cancel Valet Mode, all settings
associated with the most recently used Driver
Profile and climate control settings are
restored, and all features are available.
Note: You do not need to enter a PIN to cancel
Valet Mode from the mobile app.
Valet Mode
When Model X is in Valet Mode, the following
restrictions apply:
Speed is limited to 113 km/h.
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