2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Traffic-Aware Cruise Control
The traction control setting is
manually disabled or is repeatedly
engaging to prevent wheels from
The wheels are spinning while at a
The cruise control system is failing.
The cruise control system requires
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is particularly
unlikely to operate as intended in the
following types of situations:
The road has sharp curves.
Visibility is poor (due to heavy rain, snow,
fog, etc.).
Bright light (oncoming headlights or
direct sunlight) is interfering with the
camera's view.
WhenTraffic-Aware  Cruise Control is
unavailable or cancels, Model X no longer
drives consistently at a set speed and no
longer maintains aspecified   distance
from the vehicle ahead.
The radar sensor in the center of the front
grill is obstructed (dirty, covered, etc.).
The windshield area in the camera'sfield
of view is obstructed (fogged over, dirty,
covered by a sticker, etc.).
Warning:Traffic-Aware  Cruise Control
can cancel unexpectedly at any time for
unforeseen reasons. Always watch the
road in front of you and stay prepared to
take appropriate action. It is the driver's
responsibility to be in control of Model X
at all times.
Summary of Cruise Indicators
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is
available but is not actively
controlling your speed until you set
the cruising speed. Accelerate until
you reach a desired cruising speed,
thenbriefly  tap the cruise control
lever up or down (or pullbriefly
toward you).
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is
operating and is maintaining the set
speed because it is not actively
tracking a vehicle in front. In
situations whereTraffic-Aware
Cruise Control is actively tracking a
vehicle, the vehicle in front is
outlined in white and Model X will
decelerate/accelerate as needed to
maintain your chosen following
Model X has fully stopped behind a
vehicle it was following but a
pedestrian or object was detected in
front of Model X, causingTraffic-
Aware Cruise Control to be in a
HOLD state. Tap the accelerator
pedal to resume cruising at the set
Driver Assistance
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Frank Abass on Sep 11, 2018. Sr. EE

Looks like good support for required owner's manuals