2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Climate Controls
Overview of Climate Controls
The climate controls are always available at the bottom of the touchscreen. By default, climate
control is set to Auto On, which maintains optimum comfort in all but the most severe weather
conditions. When you adjust the temperature, the system automatically adjusts the heating, air
conditioning, air distribution, air circulation, and fan speed to maintain your selected temperature.
To override these settings, touch Auto On (see Customizing Climate Control on page 106).
The fan, heating, and air conditioning systems are powered by the Battery. Therefore, prolonged
use decreases driving range.
Note: The following illustration is provided for demonstration purposes only. Depending on vehicle
options, software version, market region, and settings, the information displayed may be slightly
The front seats are equipped with heating pads that operate at three levels from 3 (highest) to
1 (lowest).
When operating, the indicator turns red and displays the setting number.
Note: If Model X is equipped with the optional subzero weather package, you can also control
seat heaters in the rear seats as well as heated wipers by touching Controls > Cold Weather
(see Controls on page 97).
Touch the up or down arrow to set the cabin temperature (from LO, 17° C to HI, 32° C). To
apply a temperature setting to both the driver and passenger side at the same time, touch
SYNC TEMP on the temperature popup that appears when you touch an arrow.
Automatic/Manual climate control (see Customizing Climate Control on page 106).
The rear window defroster warms up the rear window* for 15 minutes, then automatically
*If Model X is equipped with the optional tech package, exterior side mirrors are also heated.
Turn climate control systemon/off.
The windshield defroster distributes airflow  to the windshield and operates the heating and
fan at their maximum level. Touch once for Normal Defrost and twice for Max Defrost. When
on, touch again to turnoff  and restore the air distribution, heating, and fan to their previous
Warning: To avoid burns resulting from prolonged use, individuals who have peripheral
neuropathy, or whose capacity to feel pain is limited because of diabetes, age, neurological
injury, or some other condition, should exercise caution when using the climate control
system and seat heaters.
Using the Touchscreen
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