2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Steering Wheel
Adjusting Position
Adjust the steering wheel to the desired
driving position by moving the control on the
left side of the steering column. Using this
control, you can move the steering wheel
forward and backward and up and down.
If you are listening to local or satellite
radio and you havedefined  more than one
radio preset, press to play the next preset
in the radio band that is currently playing.
If you have notdefined  more than one
preset, press to go to the next available
If you are listening to Internet radio, or to
an audiofile  on a connected Bluetooth or
USB device, press to skip to the next song
or station.
Warning: Do not make adjustments while
Scroll Wheel
Adjusting Sensitivity
To adjust the media volume, roll up or
You can adjust the feel and sensitivity of the
steering system to suit your personal
Note: The scroll wheel adjusts the
volume for media, navigation
instructions and phone calls based on
what is currently in use. As you adjust
volume, the instrument panel displays
the volume level and whether you are
adjusting volume for media,
On the touchscreen, touch Controls.
Choose a steering option:
Comfort - reduces theeffort   required
to turn the wheel. In town, Model X
feels easier to drive and park.
Standard - Tesla believes that this
settingoffers  the best handling and
response in all conditions.
Sport - Increases theeffort   required
to turn the wheel. When driving at
higher speeds, Model X feels more
navigation or phone.
To mute the media volume, or to
pause/play an audiofile,  tap the scroll
To choose what displays on the left
side of the instrument panel, press the
scroll wheelbriefly  until the available
options are displayed. Roll the scroll
wheel to choose Empty, Car Status,
Clock, Media, Energy or Trips, etc.
When the option you want is
The only way to really know which option you
like best is to try them.
highlighted, tap the scroll wheel.
Using Left Steering Wheel Buttons
Note: The option you choose to
display using the left scroll wheel is
retained until you manually change it.
It is also saved in your driverprofile.
Use the buttons on the left side of the steering
wheel to change radio stations, control the
media player’s volume, and to choose what
displays on the left side of the instrument
panel (whenever the Navigation app is not
displaying instructions).
Same as described above for Next, except
it skips to the previous song or station.
Note: Regardless of how you customize the
left side of the instrument panel, it
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Frank Abass on Sep 11, 2018. Sr. EE

Looks like good support for required owner's manuals