2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Tire Care and Maintenance
correct tire pressure, even if under- or
over-inflation has not reached the level
for the TPMS to trigger the Tire Pressure
Warning on the instrument panel.
TPMS malfunctions can occur for a variety of
reasons, including installing replacement or
alternate tires or wheels that prevent the
TPMS from functioning properly. Always check
the TPMS malfunction indicator light after
replacing one or more tires or wheels on your
vehicle to ensure that the replacement tires or
wheels allow the TPMS to continue to function
Resetting the TPMS Sensors
After replacing one or more wheels, the TPMS
sensors must be reset to ensure tire pressure
warnings are accurate. However, note that the
TPMS sensors do not need to be reset after
replacing a tire or rotating wheels.
Note: If a tire has been replaced or repaired
using adifferent  tire sealant than the one
available from Tesla, and a low tire pressure is
detected, it is possible that the tire sensor has
been damaged. Contact Tesla to have the fault
repaired as soon as possible.
Note: Do not reset the TPMS sensors in an
attempt to clear tire pressure warnings.
To reset TPMS sensors:
Inflate all tires to their recommended
pressures, as indicated on the Tire and
Loading Information label located on the
driver’s door pillar.
Get ready to drive for ten minutes, then,
on the Model X touchscreen, touch
Controls > Settings > Service & Reset >
Tire Pressure Monitor > Reset Sensors.
Follow the onscreen instructions.
Replacing a Tire Sensor
If the Tire Pressure warning indicator displays
frequently, contact Tesla to determine if a tire
sensor needs to be replaced. Tire sensors must
be replaced by a Tesla service technician who
can perform a brief setup procedure. If a non-
Tesla service center repairs or replaces a tire,
the tire sensor will not work until Tesla
performs the setup procedure.
TPMS Malfunction
Model X has also been equipped with a TPMS
malfunction indicator to indicate when the
system is not operating properly.
The TPMS malfunction indicator is
combined with the tire pressure
indicator light. When the system
detects a malfunction, the indicator
flashes for approximately one minute
after Model X powers on, and then
remains continuously lit. This
sequence continues upon
subsequent vehicle start-ups as long
as the malfunction exists. When the
TPMS malfunction indicator is on, the
system might not be able to detect
or signal under- andover-inflated
tires as intended.
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