2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Opening and Closing Front Doors
from Outside Model X
Powered doors stop moving if an obstacle is
Model X doors are electrically powered. When
you approach Model X carrying the key, all
doors unlock. To open a door, press the
handle. You can set the driver's door to open
automatically upon your approach. On the
touchscreen, touch Controls > Settings >
Vehicle > Auto-Present Front Door > On.
Opening and Closing Falcon Wing
Model X has electrically-powered falcon wing
doors that easily open and close by pressing a
button, using the key, or touching the
touchscreen. The falcon wing doors are
equipped with several sensors that detect the
presence of people and objects and, if an
object is detected, the door stops moving.
Based on detected objects, the doors may
adjust their outward and upward movement in
an attempt to avoid contacting the object. For
example, if an object is detected above Model
X, the door's movement may extend further
outward but lower, whereas if an object is
detected beside the door, the door may
extend outward much less.
Note: If Auto-Present Front Door opens the
door and you do not use the door within one
minute, or the key is no longer detected, the
door closes. Just press the door handle again
to re-open it.
Note: To preserve battery life, Model X is
designed to temporarily disable the Auto-
Present Front Door feature when:
The key has been out of range for more
than 48 hours.
The key remains within range forfive
minutes after all doors are closed.
Warning: Before opening or closing a
falcon wing door, it is important to check
that the area around the door is free of
obstacles (people and objects). Although
the doors have many sensors, it can not
detect all objects at all times, particularly
when moving. At any given moment,
there may be areas near the door that are
not in the detection zone. Therefore,
when opening or closing a falcon wing
door, you and your passengers must
stand away from the door as it is moving,
while proactively monitoring the door's
movement and being prepared to take
corrective action at any time. To stop a
door from moving, single-click the falcon
wing door button on the key.
In these cases, touch the handle to open the
front door. There is no need to reset the
setting. The next time you approach Model X,
provided the above conditions do not apply,
the door automatically opens.
If you use the key to unlock Model X more
than twice within one minute, the driver's door
opens, even if the Auto-Present Front Door
setting is turnedoff.
Note: If the driver's door has automatically
openedfive  times but you have not engaged a
driving gear, Auto-Present Front Door is
temporarily suspended until after you engage
a driving gear.
Note: If Model X detects an obstacle that may
interfere with opening or closing a falcon wing
door, the touchscreen displays a warning on
the Doors tab and door movement is
restricted until the obstacle is no longer
detected. To see the warnings, touch Control >
Whenever a door is open, the Door
Open indicator displays on the
instrument panel. The image of the
Model X on the touchscreen Controls
window also shows which door or
trunk is open.
To open a falcon wing door from outside
Model X, press the door handle or press the
falcon wing door button on the key (see Using
the Key on page 4).
When you touch an exterior front door handle
when the associated door is already open, it
You can close doors manually or by using the
touchscreen. When Model X detects that you
have entered the vehicle, the touchscreen
displays a message asking if you want to close
the doors.
To open a falcon wing door from inside Model
X, pull the switch located on the door pillar, or
touch Control > Doors > Open on the
Note: The powered front doors switch to
manual operation whenever you choose to
open or close a door manually.
Opening and Closing
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