2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

If Model X is equipped with Driver Assistance
components (see About Driver Assistance on
page 72), and you have purchased the
Check to determine if the detected
parking location is appropriate and safe. If
so, pull forward and stop approximately a
car length ahead of the parking location
as you normally would when parallel
parking. When you pull forward, the
instrument panel displays afilled   parking
icon to indicate that Autopark is ready.
optional Autopilot Tech Package, Autopark is
designed tofind,  and maneuver Model X into,
a parallel parking location. Using data from
the ultrasonic sensors, Autopark determines
the proximity to the curb and to the other
parked vehicles (see About Driver Assistance
on page 72). Autopark is available only when
Model X is driving below 24 km/h.
Note: Autopark detects potential parallel
parking locations that are at least six meters in
length (but less than 15 meters.
Warning: Autopark's performance
depends on the ability of the ultrasonic
sensors to recognize the location of
vehicles, curbs and other objects.
Note: The Autopark icon does not display
asfilled  in (and therefore Autopark is not
ready) in situations where the vehicle's
position and/or the circumstances of the
surrounding area (for example, a narrow
street where moving into the parking
location causes the front of the vehicle to
extend into the adjacent lane) are such
that Autopark is unable to determine an
appropriate driving path. You must either
reposition the vehicle,find  adifferent
parking location, or attempt to park
Warning: Never depend on Autopark to
find a parking location that is legal,
suitable, and safe. Autopark may not
always detect objects in the parking
space. Always perform visual checks to
confirm that a parking space is
appropriate and safe.
Operating Autopark
Release the steering wheel, engage the
Reverse gear and touch Start Autopark on
the touchscreen.
When parking is complete, Autopark
displays the Complete message.
Follow these steps to operate Autopark:
When driving below 24 km/h, monitor the
instrument panel to determine when
Autopark has detected a potential parking
location. When Autopark detects a
location, the instrument panel displays a
dashed parking icon.
In situations where Autopark can not operate
due to inadequate sensor data, the instrument
panels displays an alert message indicating
that you must manually park Model X.
Note: If you press the brake when Autopark is
actively parking Model X, the parking process
pauses until you press the Resume button on
the touchscreen.
Warning: When Autopark is actively
steering Model X, the steering wheel
moves in accordance with Autopark's
adjustments. Do not interfere with the
movement of the steering wheel. Doing
so cancels Autopark.
Note: If the Autopark icon does not
appear at potential parallel parking
locations when driving at the indicated
speed, it is possible that Autopark is
calibrating (see below). Autopark requires
a calibration process when the vehicle is
new or when tires are changed.
Warning: During the parking sequence,
continually check your surroundings. Be
prepared to apply the brakes to avoid
vehicles, pedestrians, or objects.
Warning: When Autopark is active,
monitor the touchscreen and instrument
panel to ensure that you are aware of the
instructions that Autopark is providing.
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