2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Temporary Tire Repair
Tire Repair Kit
Tire Sealant Canister
The tire sealant provided in the Tesla tire
repair kit is approved for use with Model X and
is designed not to damage the TPMS (Tire
Pressure Monitoring System) sensors.
Therefore, you must replace it only with one of
the same type and capacity (see Replacing
the Sealant Canister on page 141). Tire
Your Model X has no spare tire. Depending on
the legislations that apply to the region in
which you purchased Model X, a tire repair kit
may or may not be included. If a tire repair kit
was not provided in Model X upon delivery,
you can purchase one from Tesla.
The tire repair kit consists of a compressor
and a canister of tire sealant (enough to repair
one tire). When injected into a tire, the sealant
can penetrate a small puncture up to 6 mm to
form a temporary repair.
sealant canisters can be purchased from Tesla.
The tire sealant has an expiration date printed
on the outside of the canister. If the expiration
date has passed, the sealant might not work
as expected. Always replace an expired tire
sealant canister.
Warning: Do not use any tire sealant
other than the one available from Tesla.
Doing so could cause tire pressure
sensors to malfunction.
Warning: Always read and follow the
safety and handling instructions printed
on the sealant canister.
Warning: Keep tire sealant out of the
reach of children.
Note: For punctures larger than 6 mm, severe
tread damage, a damaged sidewall, ripped
tires or tires that have comeoff  the rim, call
Roadside Assistance.
Warning: Tire sealant can be harmful if it
contacts the eyes or if swallowed or
inhaled. If the sealant comes into contact
with your eyes, immediatelyflush   with
water and seek medical attention if
irritation persists. If swallowed, do not
induce vomiting and seek medical
Warning: The tire repair kit is a temporary
repair only. You must repair or replace a
damaged tire as soon as possible.
assistance immediately. If inhaled, breathe
fresh air. Inhalation can cause drowsiness
and dizziness. If breathing isaffected,
seek medical assistance immediately.
Warning: Do not exceed 48 km/h when
driving with a tire that has been
temporarily repaired with sealant.
Warning: Follow all directions and
warnings on the tire repair kit before
starting a repair.
Caution: Do not drive on adeflated  tire as
this can cause serious damage.
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