2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Warning: Many unforeseen circumstances
can impair the operation of Autopark.
Keep this in mind and remember that as a
result, Autopark may not steer Model X
appropriately. Pay attention when parking
Model X and stay prepared to
During a parking sequence, Autopark must
maneuver Model X with a great deal of
precision. Therefore, before it can be used,
Autopark must complete a calibration process.
Calibration can take anywhere from 30
minutes to several days, depending on driving
behavior. When Autopark is calibrating, you
will see a note on the Driver Assistance
settings screen indicating that calibration is in
progress. When calibration is complete, this
note no longer displays and Autopark is
available for use.
immediately take control.
Note: Autopark will repeat the calibration
process whenever tires are changed.
Canceling Autopark
Autopark cancels when you manually move
the steering wheel during a parking sequence,
or when you change gears. Autopark also
cancels when:
The parking sequence exceeds the
maximum of seven moves.
The driver's seat belt is unbuckled.
A door is opened.
You press the accelerator pedal.
You press the brake pedal twice in quick
Pausing Autopark
To pause Autopark, press the brake pedal
once. Model X stops and remains stopped until
you press Resume on the touchscreen.
Autopark is particularly unlikely to operate as
intended in the following types of situations:
The road grade is greater than 10%.
Visibility is poor (due to heavy rain, snow,
fog, etc.).
The curb is constructed of material other
than stone, or the curb can not be
One or more of the ultrasonic sensors is
damaged, dirty, or obstructed (such as by
mud, ice, or snow).
Weather conditions (heavy rain, snow, fog,
or extremely hot or cold temperatures)
are interfering with sensor operation.
The sensors areaffected  by other
electrical equipment or devices that
generate ultrasonic waves.
Driver Assistance
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Frank Abass on Sep 11, 2018. Sr. EE

Looks like good support for required owner's manuals