2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Vehicle Loading
Tire and Loading Information Label
Calculating Load Limits
The Tire and Loading Information label
Locate the statement “The combined
weight of occupants and cargo should
never exceed XXX kg or XXX lbs” on your
vehicle’s “Tire and Loading Information”
Determine the combined weight of the
driver and passengers that will be riding in
the vehicle.
Subtract the combined weight of the
driver and passengers from XXX kg or
XXX lbs (see Step 1).
The resultingfigure  equals the available
amount of cargo and luggage load
capacity. For example, if the “XXX”
amount equals 1400 lbs (635 kg) and
there will befive  150 lb (68 kg)
The maximum number of occupant
seating positions.
The maximum vehicle capacity weight.
The size of the original tires.
The coldinflation  pressures for the
original front and rear tires. These
pressures are recommended to optimize
ride and handling characteristics.
passengers in the vehicle, the amount of
available cargo and luggage capacity is
Determine the combined weight of cargo
and luggage being loaded on the vehicle.
That weight must not exceed the available
cargo and luggage load capacity
calculated in Step 4.
lbs (1400 750 (5 x 150) = 650 lbs) or
Never change this label, even if you use
different tires in the future.
kg (635 340 (5 x 68) = 295 kg).
Note: If Model X is loaded to its full capacity,
double check all tires to ensure they are
inflated to their recommended pressure levels.
Statutory Plate
Warning: The front and rear trunks are the
preferred places to carry objects. In an
accident, or during hard braking and
sharp turns, loose items in the cabin could
injure occupants.
In addition to the VIN, the Statutory Plate
GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The
maximum allowable total mass of Model X.
This is calculated as the weight of
Example Load Limit Calculations
Model X, all passengers,fluids,  and cargo.
GAWR - Gross Axle Weight Rating for the
front and rear axles. The GAWR is the
maximum distributed weight that each
axle can support.
How much cargo you can carry in Model X
depends on the number and weight of
passengers. The following are typical
examples of calculated load limits. These
examples assume passengers weighing 150 lbs
kg). If the passengers weigh more or less,
the available cargo and luggage load capacity
decreases or increases respectively.
Driver and one passenger
Vehicle capacity weight
954 lbs
Caution: To prevent damage, never load
Model X so that it is heavier than GVWR
or exceeds the individual GAWR weights.
Subtract occupant weight
300 lbs
(136 kg)
x 150 lbs/68 kg)
Available cargo weight
654 lbs
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