2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Tire Care and Maintenance
Maintaining Tire Pressures
Checking and Adjusting Tire Pressures
Follow these steps when tires are cold and
Model X has been stationary for over three
If you are not towing a trailer, keep tires
inflated to the pressures shown on the Tire
and Loading Information label, even if itdiffers
from the pressure printed on the tire itself. The
Tire and Loading Information label is located
on the center door pillar and is visible when
the driver’s door is open.
Remove the valve cap.
Firmly press an accurate tire pressure
gauge onto the valve to measure pressure.
If required, add air to reach the
recommended pressure.
Re-check pressure by removing and re-
attaching the tire gauge.
If you added too much air, release air by
pressing the metal stem in the center of
the valve.
If you are towing a trailer, do not use the tire
pressures printed on the Tire and Loading
Information Label. Instead, see Towing a
Trailer on page 67.
Recheck the pressure with the tire gauge
and adjust if necessary.
Replace the valve cap to prevent dirt from
entering. Periodically check the valve for
damage and leaks.
Warning:Under-inflation  is the most
common cause of tire failures and can
cause a tire to overheat, resulting in
severe tire cracking, tread separation, or
blowout, which causes unexpected loss of
vehicle control and increased risk of
injury.Under-inflation  also reduces
Battery range and tire tread life.
Warning: Check tire pressures using an
accurate pressure gauge when tires are
cold. It takes only about 1.6 kms of driving
to warm up the tiressufficiently  toaffect
tire pressures. Parking the vehicle in
direct sunlight or in hot weather can also
affect tire pressures. If you must check
warm tires, expect increased pressures.
Do not let air out of warm tires in an
attempt to match recommended cold tire
pressures. A hot tire at or below the
recommended cold tireinflation   pressure
is dangerouslyunder-inflated.
The Tire Pressure indicator light on
the instrument panel alerts you if
one or more tires is under- orover-
The Tire Pressure indicator light does not
immediately turnoff  when you adjust tire
pressure. Afterinflating  the tire to the
recommended pressure, you must drive over
km/h for more than 10 minutes to activate
the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS),
which turnsoff  the Tire Pressure indicator
Warning: Do not use any tire sealant
other than the type provided in a Tesla
tire repair kit. Other types can cause tire
pressure sensors to malfunction. If your
Model X did not include a tire repair kit,
you can purchase one from Tesla.
If the indicator lightflashes  for one minute
whenever you power on Model X, a fault with
the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is
detected (see TPMS Malfunction on page
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