2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Tire Care and Maintenance
Replacing Tires and Wheels
Asymmetric Tires
Model X tires are asymmetric and must be
mounted on the wheel with the correct
sidewall facing outward. The sidewall of the
tire is marked with the word OUTSIDE. When
new tires are installed, make sure that the tires
are correctly mounted on the wheels.
Tires degrade over time due to theeffects   of
ultraviolet light, extreme temperatures, high
loads, and environmental conditions. It is
recommended that tires are replaced every six
years, or sooner if required.
Wheel rims and tires are matched to suit the
handling characteristics of the vehicle.
Replacement tires must comply with the
originalspecification.  If tires other than those
specified are used, ensure that the load and
speed ratings marked on the tire equal or
exceed those of the originalspecification.
Ideally, you should replace all four tires at the
same time. If this is not possible, replace the
tires in pairs (both front or both rear). When
replacing tires, always re-balance and check
the alignment of wheels.
Warning: Road holding is seriously
impaired if the tires are incorrectly
installed on the wheels.
If you replace a wheel, the TPMS (Tire Pressure
Monitoring System) sensors need to be reset
to ensure they provide accurate warnings
when tires are under- orover-inflated   (see
Resetting the TPMS Sensors on page 137).
Seasonal Tire Types
Summer Tires
Your Model X may be originally equipped with
high performance summer tires. These tires
are designed for maximum dry and wet road
performance. Summer tires do not perform
well in winter conditions. Tesla recommends
using winter tires if driving in cold
temperatures or on roads where snow or ice
may be present. Contact Tesla for winter tire
Warning: For your safety, use only tires
and wheels that match the original
specification (see Wheels and Tires on
page 160). Tires that do not match the
originalspecification  canaffect   the
operation of the Tire Pressure Monitoring
System (TPMS).
Warning: Never exceed the speed rating
of your vehicle's tires. The speed rating is
shown on the sidewall of your tires (see
Understanding Tire Markings on page
Warning: In cold temperatures or on snow
or ice, summer tires do not provide
adequate traction. Selecting and installing
the appropriate tires for winter conditions
is important to ensure the safety and
optimum performance of your Model X,
even when equipped with dual motors.
All-Season Tires
Your Model X may be originally equipped with
all-season tires. These tires are designed to
provide adequate traction in most conditions
year-round, but may not provide the same
level of traction as winter tires in snowy or icy
conditions. All-season tires can beidentified
by “ALL SEASON" and/or "M+S” (mud and
snow) on the tire sidewall.
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