2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

About Driver Assistance
Driver Assistance Features
you safe. It is the driver's responsibility to
stay alert, drive safely, and be in control
of the vehicle at all times.
These safety features are available on all
Model X vehicles equipped with Driver
Assistance components:
Caution: If a windshield replacement is
needed on a Model X equipped with the
forward looking camera, you must take
your vehicle to Tesla Service. This will
ensure appropriate handling and
mounting of the camera. Failure to do so
can cause one or more Driver Assistance
features to malfunction.
Lane Assist (see Lane Assist on page
Collision Avoidance Assist (see Collision
Avoidance Assist on page 88).
Speed Assist (see Speed Assist on page
These convenience features, designed to
reduce driver workload, are available only if
Model X is equipped with the optional
Autopilot Tech Package:
Cleaning Driver Assistance
To ensure the various Driver Assistance
components can provide information that is as
accurate as possible, keep them clean and free
of obstructions. Occasionally remove any
buildup of dirt by wiping with a soft cloth
dampened with warm water.
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (seeTraffic-
Aware Cruise Control on page 75).
Autosteer (see Autosteer on page 80).
Auto Lane Change (see Auto Lane
Change on page 82).
Autopark (see Autopark on page 84).
Auto High Beam (see High Beam
Headlights on page 51).
Caution: Do not use chemical-based or
abrasive cleaners. Doing so can damage
You can enable/disable driver assistance
features and in some cases, control how they
work. To access settings for Driver Assistance
features, touch Controls > Settings > Driver
Caution: Avoid using a high-pressure
power washer.
Caution: Do not clean an ultrasonic sensor
with a sharp or abrasive object that can
scratch or damage its surface.
Many factors can impact the performance of
Driver Assistance components, causing them
to be unable to function as intended. These
include (but are not limited to):
Poor visibility (due to heavy rain, snow,
fog, etc.).
Bright light (oncoming headlights or
direct sunlight).
Damage or obstructions caused by mud,
ice, snow, etc.
Interference or obstruction by object(s)
mounted onto Model X (such as a bike
rack or a sticker).
Narrow or winding roads.
A damaged or misaligned bumper.
Interference from other equipment that
generates ultrasonic waves.
Extremely hot or cold temperatures.
Warning: The list above does not
represent an exhaustive list of situations
that may interfere with proper operation
of Driver Assistance components. Never
depend on these components to keep
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