2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Lane Assist
If Model X is equipped with Driver Assistance
components (see About Driver Assistance on
page 72), the forward looking camera
monitors the markers on the lane you are
driving in, and the ultrasonic sensors monitor
the blind spot for the presence of a vehicle. To
help you stay in your driving lane and to avoid
side collisions, Lane Assist provides two types
of warnings:
In addition to warnings described above, Lane
Assist provides steering interventions if
Model X drifts into (or close to) an adjacent
lane in which an object, such as a vehicle, is
detected. In these situations, Model X
automatically steers to a safer position in its
driving lane. This steering is applied only when
Model X is traveling between 50 km/h and 140
km/h on major roadways with clearly visible
lane markings. When corrective steering is
applied, the instrument panelbriefly  displays a
warning message.
Lane Departure Warning: If a front wheel
passes over a lane marking and the
associated turn signal isoff,  you may feel
a slight vibration in the steering wheel.
These warnings are active only when
Model X is traveling over approximately
Note: Corrective steering is not applied when
Autosteer is active
Warning: Lane Assist is for guidance
purposes only and is not intended to
replace your own direct visual checks.
Never depend on Lane Assist to inform
you of unintentionally driving outside of
the boundaries of the driving lane or
informing you that an object or vehicle is
in your blind spot. Several external factors
can reduce the performance of Lane
Assist. It is the driver's responsibility to
stay alert, pay attention to the driving
lane and always be aware of other road
users. Failure to do so can result in
serious injury or death.
Side Collision Warning: When an object,
such as a vehicle, is detected in your blind
spot or traveling close to the side of
Model X, Lane Assist displaysfluid   lines
radiating from the image of Model X on
the instrument panel. The location of the
lines correspond to the location of the
detected object. The color of the lines
(white, yellow, orange or red) represents
the object's proximity to Model X, with
white being the furthest and red being
very close and requiring immediate
attention. When the lines are red, a chime
will sound. These warnings are active only
when Model X is traveling between 18 mph
Warning: Steering interventions are
minimal and are not designed to move
Model X out of its driving lane. Do not
rely on steering interventions to avoid
side collisions.
km/h) and approximately 85 mph
km/h)30 km/h and approximately
Warning: Lane Departure Warning is
designed to detect lane markings and
may not detect the edge of a road,
especially if the road has no curb. It is the
driver's responsibility to drive attentively
and stay within the boundaries of the
driving lane.
Warning: Before changing lanes, always
visually check the lane you are moving
into by using side mirrors and performing
the appropriate shoulder checks. Several
factors canaffect  the performance of the
Lane Assist warnings, resulting in lack of,
or false warnings (see “Limitations and
Inaccuracies” below).
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