2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Using a Bicycle Carrier
Supported Bicycle Carriers
Warning: Do not use the trailer hitch to
tow/transport Model X.
To support the installation of a carrier (such as
a bicycle rack) on the rear of Model X, the
optional towing package is required. Do not
attempt to install a carrier on a Model X that is
not equipped with the towing package. Doing
so can cause damage.
Warning: Use only the electrical
connection designed by Tesla. Do not
attempt to directly splice or attempt to
connect a bicycle carrier's electrical
wiring using any other method. Doing so
can damage the Model X electrical
system and cause malfunctions.
Model X is designed to support a bicycle
carrier of up to 120 lbs (55 kg). When carry
bicycles on Model X, always check to ensure
that the maximum weight is not exceeded. For
example, this weight threshold issufficient   for
carrying two bicycles weighing approximately
Warning: Tesla assumes no responsibility
for damage or injuries resulting from
installing a bicycle carrier, for any errors
or omissions in the instructions
accompanying bicycle carriers, or for your
failure to follow the proper instructions.
lbs (18 kg) each, or four bicycles weighting
approximately 20 lbs (9 kg) each, assuming
the carrier weighs approximately 33 lbs (15
Warning: The accessory hitch is designed
to attach a 1.25“ hitch accessory only. Do
not use the accessory hitch for trailer
towing, transportation or vehicle recovery.
Installing a Bicycle Carrier
Carefully follow the instructions provided
by the manufacturer of the bicycle carrier.
Connect the electrical connector (if
equipped). When Model X detects the
electrical connector, the touchscreen may
prompt you to enter Trailer Mode. To
ensure availability of Autopilot features, it
is recommended that you do not activate
Trailer Mode.
Check that the lights are functioning
properly (if equipped).
Note: Bicycle carriers or other accessories
mounted on the rear trunk are likely to
obscure the rear view camera’sfield  of view. In
addition, driver assistance functions that
involve the use of the rear ultrasonic sensors
may not function as expected.
Impact on Range
Using a bicycle carrier increases total vehicle
weight and drag. As a result, driving range will
decreasesignificantly  and range estimates will
no longer be accurate. Plan trip length and
charging stops accordingly.
Cautions and Warnings
Caution: Damage caused by using a
bicycle carrier is not covered by the
Product Specification
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