2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Steering mode
Adjust the amount ofeffort  required to turn the steering wheel. Sport feels more
responsive whereas Comfort feels easier to drive and park (see Steering Wheel on page
Acceleration (Performance Dual Motor vehicles only)
Choose an acceleration level. Sport is the standard level of acceleration and allows you to
maximize driving range. Choose Insane to increase peak torque by approximately 30
percent and Ludicrous to increase it by approximately 60%.
If you choose Insane or Ludicrous, additional power is available immediately. However, to
achieve the absolute maximum power (designed for short term use), touch Max Battery
Power, which displays as blue text immediately below the acceleration setting. Max
Battery Power heats the Battery to its ideal operating temperature to ensure access to
of available power. Heating the Battery can take over an hour, depending on
environmental conditions and whether or not Model X is being driven. During this time, a
message displays providing you with an approximate wait time. When the additional
power is available, the message indicates that Max Battery Power is READY! When using
Max Battery Power, Model X consumes more energy as it keeps the Battery within an
optimal temperature range. To cancel Max Battery Power at any time, change the
acceleration level to Sport (or touch the button in the Max Battery Mode popup). To
prevent excess and potentially unnecessary energy consumption (for example, you leave
the vehicle and forget to cancel Max Battery Power), Max Battery Power cancels
automatically in three hours, regardless of whether you are still driving or have left the
Note: To support Max Battery Power, the charge level must be 20% or higher. You cannot
initiate Max Battery Power if the charge level is less than 20%. In addition, Max Battery
Power immediately cancels if at any time during its use, the charge level drops below
Note: Max Battery Power strives to keep the pack within an optimal temperature range. In
addition to heating the Battery, Max Battery Power also cools the battery when necessary
(for example, during aggressive driving scenarios).
Note: Max Battery Power is designed to achieve maximum performance for short term
acceleration and is not intended for daily driving. Thetradeoff  for the additional power
boost is extra energy consumption and earlier power fade on long aggressive drives. The
Insane or Ludicrous acceleration settings provide asignificant  increase in performance
even without Max Battery Power. In fact, in normal driving situations, the additional power
that can be achieved using Max Battery Power may not be noticeable.
When on, Model X slowly moves forward when in Drive and backward in Reverse when
you release the brake (similar to a conventional vehicle with an automatic transmission).
You can adjust this setting only when Model X is in Park.
Traction Control
To allow the wheels to spin on a standard single motor Model X, you can turnoff   traction
control. On a dual motor Model X, you can enable Slip Start. If you turnoff   Traction
Control (or enable Slip Start), a warning message displays on the instrument panel.
Traction control turnsoff  for the current drive only. On dual motor vehicles, traction
control is automatically turned on again when the speed exceeds 64 km/h. See Traction
Control on page 56.
Regenerative braking
When you release the accelerator when driving, regenerative braking slows Model X and
feeds any surplus energy back to the Battery. If set to Low, Model X does not slow down
as quickly, but you may experience less range (see Regenerative Braking on page 55).
Note: Regardless of the setting, the energy gained by regenerative braking is reduced if
the Battery is full, or if it is extremely cold or hot (the surplus energy is used to heat or
cool the Battery).
Using the Touchscreen
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Frank Abass on Sep 11, 2018. Sr. EE

Looks like good support for required owner's manuals