2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Climate Controls
Choose how air is drawn into Model X:
Outside air is drawn into Model X (see Ventilation on page 109).
Air inside Model X is recirculated. This prevents outside air(traffic   fumes)
from entering but reduces dehumidifying performance. Recirculating the
air is the mostefficient  way to cool the front cabin area. To prevent the
windshield from fogging in some conditions,briefly  change the setting
every hour to draw in outside air.
If you have purchased the optional HEPA (HighEfficiency  Particulate Air)
filter, you can ensure the best possible quality of air inside the cabin.
When selected, outside air is drawn in andfiltered  through the medical-
grade HEPAfilter  in addition to the secondaryfiltration  systems. The
HEPAfilter  is extremelyeffective  at removing particles, including
pollution, allergens, bacteria, pollen, mold spores, and viruses. Both the
HEPAfilter  and the secondaryfiltration  system also contain activated
carbon to remove a broad spectrum of odors and gases. When you
engage the HEPA option, the fan operates at the highest speed. In
addition, the positive pressure inside the cabin minimizes the amount of
outside air that can leak into the vehicle.
Note: Some gases, such as carbon monoxide, are noteffectively   removed
by activated carbon.
Choose where airflows  into the cabin. You can choose more than one location:
Foot-level vents
Face-level vents
Windshield vents
Note: When air is directed to the foot-level vents, approximately one third of the air continues
toflow  to the windshield vents to assist in defogging. However, when air is directed to the
face-level vents, no airflows  to the windshield because the airflowing  through the face-level
vents may be adequate to assist in defogging the windshield.
Drag the slider to set the speed of the fan.
Custom climate controls for the rear seating areas:
Using the Touchscreen
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Frank Abass on Sep 11, 2018. Sr. EE

Looks like good support for required owner's manuals