2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Charging Instructions
Charging Status
The following illustration is provided for demonstration purposes only and may vary slightly
depending on the software version and market region of your Model X.
Model X or its charging electronics. For
example, a home wiring system, receptacle,
adapter or cord is unable to meet its rated
current capacity. When Model X automatically
reduces a location's charging current, it retains
the reduced current for that location as a
precaution. Although you can manually
increase it, Tesla recommends charging at the
lower current until the underlying problem is
resolved and the charging location can
provide consistent power.
Charging rate per hour.
Total estimated driving distance (or
energy) available. Instead of driving
distance as shown here, you can display
the percentage of battery energy
remaining. To do so, touch Controls >
Settings > Units & Format > Energy &
Note: A portion of the battery image may
appear blue. This indicates that a small
portion of the energy stored in the battery
is not available on your drive because the
battery is cold. This is normal and no
reason for concern. When the battery
warms up, the blue portion is no longer
Current being supplied/Total current
available from the connected power
supply (see Changing Charge Settings on
page 130).
Estimated increase in driving distance (or
energy) achieved so far in this charging
session. Instead of driving distance as
illustrated above, you can change settings
to display the amount of energy achieved.
To do so, touch Controls > Settings > Units
Format > Energy & Charging.
Charging status information displays here.
For example, if Model X is charging, it
displays the time remaining until fully
charged at the currently selected charge
level. When scheduled charging is set for a
location, it displays when charging will
Voltage being supplied by the charge
Note: If Model X is charging and detects
unexpected fluctuations in the input power, it
automatically reduces the charging current by
For example, a 40 amp current is
reduced to 30 amps. This automatic current
reduction increases robustness and safety in
situations when a problem exists outside of
Product Specification
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Frank Abass on Sep 11, 2018. Sr. EE

Looks like good support for required owner's manuals