2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Charging Instructions
During Charging
Charge Port Light
During charging, the charge port pulses green
and charging status displays on the instrument
panel. The frequency at which the charge
port’s light pulses slows down as the charge
level approaches full. When charging is
complete, the light stops pulsing and is solid
WHITE: The charge port door is open and
Model X is ready to charge. The connector
either hasn't been inserted yet, or the
latch is released and the connector is
ready to be removed.
SOLID GREEN: Charging is complete.
BLINKING GREEN: Charging is in progress.
As Model X approaches a full charge, the
frequency of the blinking is slower.
Note: If Model X is locked, the light around the
charge port does not light up.
BLUE: Model X detects that a connector
has been plugged in, but charging has not
started. Either Model X is preparing to
charge, or a charging session is scheduled
to begin at aspecified  future time.
SOLID AMBER: The connector is not fully
plugged in. Realign the connector to the
charge port and insert fully.
BLINKING AMBER: Model X is charging at
a reduced current (AC charging only).
RED: A fault is detected and charging has
stopped. Check the instrument panel or
touchscreen for a message describing the
If the light around the charge port lights up
red while charging, a fault is detected. Check
the instrument panel or touchscreen for a
message describing the fault. A fault can
occur due to something as common as a
power outage. If a power outage occurs,
charging resumes automatically when power
is restored.
Note: When charging, particularly at high
currents, the refrigerant compressor and the
fan operate as needed to keep the Battery
cool. Therefore, it is normal to hear sounds
during charging.
Stopping Charging
You can stop charging at any time by
disconnecting the charge cable or touching
Stop Charging on the touchscreen.
Note: To prevent unauthorized unplugging of
the charge cable, Model X must be unlocked
or able to recognize a key before you can
disconnect the charge cable.
To disconnect the charge cable:
Press and hold the button on a Tesla
connector to release the latch. You can
also touch Stop Charging on the charging
screen (see Changing Charge Settings on
page 130).
Pull the connector from the charge port.
Push the charge port door closed.
Note: If Model X is equipped with a motorized
charge port door, it automatically closes when
you remove the charge cable.
Note: Model X stops charging whenever you
double-click the key. If you do not unplug
within 60 seconds, charging resumes.
Caution: Tesla strongly recommends
leaving Model X plugged in when not in
use. This maintains the Battery at the
optimum level of charge.
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