2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Front and Rear Seats
Note: When an outside seat has tilted forward
for easy entry, its back rest resets to the
neutral position and may need to be re-
Cargo Mode
Cargo Mode makes it easy for you to
maximize cargo space by automatically
moving all second row seats fully forward and
folding the third row seatsflat.   Touch
Controls > Doors > Rear Seats > Cargo Mode
on the touchscreen.
Note: If an obstacle is detected while a seat is
moving forward for easy entry, forward
movement stops and the seat moves back.
Note: Cargo mode is prohibited if a second or
third row seat is occupied.
Folding Third Row Seats
Before folding, remove items from the seats
and the rear foot well. To allow the third row
seat backs to fold completelyflat,  you may
need to move the second row seats forward.
Head Restraints
Front seats include adjustable non-removable
head restraints. Use the touchscreen to adjust
these head restraints to either a low or high
To fold a third row seat, press the button
located in the top outside corner of the seat.
The button has two detents.
The second and third row seats have
integrated non-removable head restraints that
can not be adjusted. However, the head
restraints in the third row seats can be folded
down for storage (see Folding Third Row
Seats on page 20).
Seat Heaters
The front seats are equipped with heating
pads that operate at three levels from 3
(highest) to 1 (lowest). To operate the seat
heaters, see Climate Controls on page 105.
If Model X is equipped with the optional cold
weather package, you can also control seat
heaters in the second row and rear seats, as
well as heated wipers by touching Controls >
Cold Weather (see Controls on page 97).
Seat Covers
Fold head restraint forward.
Fold seat forward.
Do not use seat covers on Model X. Doing so
could restrict deployment of the side air bags
if an accident occurs. It can also reduce the
accuracy of the occupant detection system.
You can also use the touchscreen to fold third
row seats. Touch Controls > Doors > Rear
Seats. A convenient way to fold rear seats is to
engage Cargo Mode (described next).
Note: If necessary, the second row seat may
move forward slightly to accommodate the
forward position of the third row seat.
Note: To raise the seats, pull the seat back
upward until it latches into place. Toconfirm
the seat back is locked in the upright position,
try pulling it forward.
Warning: Always ensure the seat backs
are locked in their upright position.
Failure to do so increases the risk of
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