2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Collision Avoidance Assist
alert and always pay attention to the area
in front of Model X so you can anticipate
whether any action is required.
not automatically apply the brakes in
situations where a collision is considered
Warning: Forward Collision Warning does
not operate when Model X is traveling
less than 7 km/h.
Warning: Automatic Emergency Braking
is designed to reduce the severity of an
impact. It is not designed to avoid a
Automatic Emergency Braking
Warning: Several factors canaffect   the
performance of Automatic Emergency
Braking, causing either no braking or
inappropriate or untimely braking. It is the
driver’s responsibility to drive safely and
remain in control of the vehicle at all
times. Never depend on Automatic
Emergency Braking to avoid or reduce
the impact of a collision.
The forward looking camera and the radar
sensor are designed to determine the distance
from any object (vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle,
or pedestrian) traveling in front of Model X.
When a frontal collision is considered
unavoidable, Automatic Emergency Braking is
designed to automatically apply the brakes to
reduce the severity of the impact.
Warning: Automatic Emergency Braking
is designed to reduce the impact of
frontal collisions only and does not
function when Model X is in reverse.
When Automatic Emergency Braking applies
the brakes, the instrument panel displays a
visual warning and you'll hear a chime. You
may also notice abrupt downward movement
of the brake pedal. The brake lights turn on to
alert other road users that you are slowing
Warning: Automatic Emergency Braking
is not a substitute for maintaining a safe
traveling distance between you and the
vehicle in front of you.
Warning: The brake pedal moves
downward abruptly during automatic
braking events. Always ensure that the
brake pedal can move freely. Do not place
material on top of the Tesla-supplied
driver’sfloor  mat (including an additional
mat) and always ensure that the driver’s
floor mat is properly secured. Failure to
do so can impede the ability of the brake
pedal to move freely.
When Automatic Emergency Braking has
reduced the driving speed by 25 mph (40
km/h), the brakes are released. For example, if
Automatic Emergency Braking applies braking
when driving at 56 mph (90 km/h), it releases
the brakes when the speed has been reduced
to 31 mph (50 km/h).
Note: For advance notice of an Automatic
Emergency Braking event, turn on Forward
Collision Warning (see Forward Collision
Warning on page 88). When turned on, you
hear a chime and see a collision warning in the
center of the instrument panel if a collision is
considered likely. Then, if you do not take
immediate corrective action, a collision is
considered imminent and Automatic
Emergency Braking applies braking to reduce
driving speed. If enabled, Automatic
Emergency Braking applies braking when a
collision is considered inevitable, even if
Forward Collision Warning is turnedoff.
Automatic Emergency Braking operates only
when driving between 8 km/h and 140 km/h.
Automatic Emergency Braking does not apply
the brakes, or stops applying the brakes, in
situations where you are taking action to avoid
a potential collision. For example:
You turn the steering wheel sharply.
You press the accelerator pedal.
You press and release the brake pedal.
A vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or
pedestrian, is no longer detected ahead.
Automatic Emergency Braking is always
enabled when you start Model X. To disable it
for your current drive, touch Controls >
Settings > Driver Assistance > Automatic
Emergency Braking > Disable.
Limitations and Inaccuracies
Collision Avoidance features cannot always
detect vehicles, bikes, or pedestrians, and you
may experience unnecessary, inaccurate,
invalid, or missed warnings for many reasons,
particularly if:
Warning: It is strongly recommended that
you do not disable Automatic Emergency
Braking. If you disable it, Model X does
Driver Assistance
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