2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Note: Autosteer is a BETA feature in Release
To initiate Autosteer, pull the cruise control
lever toward you twice in quick succession.
Autosteerbriefly  displays a message on the
instrument panel reminding you to pay
attention to the road and have your hands on
the steering wheel. To indicate that Autosteer
is now actively assisting in steering Model X,
the instrument panel displays the Autosteer
icon in blue. When Autosteer is able to detect
lane markings, it also displays the driving lane
in blue:
If Model X is equipped with Driver Assistance
components (see About Driver Assistance on
page 72), and you have purchased the
optional Autopilot Tech Package, you can use
Autosteer to manage steering and speed
under certain circumstances. Autosteer builds
uponTraffic-Aware  Cruise Control,
intelligently keeping Model X in its driving lane
when cruising at a set speed. Using the
forward looking camera, the radar sensor, and
the ultrasonic sensors, Autosteer detects lane
markings and the presence of vehicles and
objects, assisting you in steering Model X
based on the lane markings and the vehicle
directly in front of you.
Warning: Autosteer is a hands-on feature.
You must keep your hands on the steering
wheel at all times.
Warning: Autosteer is intended for use
only on highways and controlled-access
roads with a fully attentive driver. Hold
the steering wheel and be mindful of road
conditions and surroundingtraffic   while
using Autosteer. Do not use Autosteer on
city streets or in areas where bicyclists or
pedestrians may be present. Never
depend on Autosteer to determine an
appropriate driving path. Always be
prepared to take immediate action.
Failure to follow these instructions could
cause serious property damage, injury or
Note: To initiate Autosteer, you must be
driving at least 30 km/h on a roadway with
visible lane markings. If a vehicle is detected
ahead of you, you can initiate Autosteer at any
speed, even when stationary.
Operating Autosteer
Note: When using Autosteer on residential
roads, or any road without a center divider,
driving speed is limited to a maximum of
Before you can operate Autosteer, you must
enable it by touching Controls > Settings >
Driver Assistance > Autosteer > Enable. You
can also choose whether you want to hear a
chime when Autosteer is enabled or disabled.
km/h. When Autosteer detects that you are
driving on these types of roads, it reduces the
speed to 70 km/h, if necessary, even if the set
cruising speed is higher. If you use the
To indicate that Autosteer is available (but not
actively steering Model X), the instrument
panel displays a gray Autosteer icon on the
right side of the driving speed as shown here:
accelerator pedal to increase driving speed
above 70 km/h, Autosteer sounds a repeated
chime. When you leave the residential road (or
road without a center divider), or disengage
Autosteer by using the steering wheel, Model
S resumes cruising at the set speed.
Note: In most cases, Autosteer attempts to
center Model X in the driving lane. However, if
the sensors detect the presence an obstacle
(such as a vehicle or guard rail), Autosteer
may steer Model X in a driving path that is
offset from the center of the lane.
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