2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Child Safety Seats
restrained in the rear seating positions
than in the front seating positions.
Warning: Do not use a forward facing
child safety seat until your child weighs
over 9 kg and can sit independently. Up
to the age of two, a child's spine and neck
are notsufficiently  developed to avoid
injury in a frontal impact.
Warning: Do not allow a baby or infant to
be held on a lap. All children should be
restrained in an appropriate child safety
seat at all times.
Warning: To ensure children are safely
seated, follow all instructions provided in
this document and by the manufacturer
of the child safety seat.
Warning: Children should ride in a rear
facing child safety seat using the seat’s
integrated 5-point harness for as long as
Warning: Do not use seat belt extenders
on a seat belt that is being used to install
a child safety seat or booster seat.
Warning: When seating larger children,
make sure the child's head is supported
and the child’s seat belt is properly
adjusted and fastened. The shoulder
portion of the belt must be away from the
face and neck, and the lap portion must
not be over the stomach.
Warning: Never attach two child safety
seats to one anchor point. In a collision,
one anchor point may be incapable of
securing both seats.
Warning: Child restraint anchors are
designed to withstand only those loads
imposed by correctlyfitted   child
restraints. Under no circumstances are
they to be used for adult seatbelts,
harnesses, or for attaching other items or
Warning: Always check harnesses and
tether straps for damage and wear.
Warning: Never leave a child unattended,
even if the child is secured in a child
safety seat.
Warning: Never use a child safety seat
that has been involved in an accident.
Have the seat inspected or replaced as a
described in the child safety seat
manufacturer’s instructions.
Seating and Safety Restraints
Product Specification
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Frank Abass on Sep 11, 2018. Sr. EE

Looks like good support for required owner's manuals