2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Instrument Panel
Instrument Panel - Driving
When Model X is driving (or ready to drive), the instrument panel shows your current driving
status and a real-time visualization of the road as detected by Model X's Autopilot components
(see About Driver Assistance on page 72).
Note: The following illustration is provided for demonstration purposes only. Depending on vehicle
options, software version, and market region, the information displayed may be slightlydifferent.
Indicator lights display along the top to provide status (see Instrument Panel on page 43).
When you are actively navigating to a destination, navigation instructions display here. Use
the left steering wheel buttons to change what displays on the left side of the instrument
panel whenever navigation instructions are not displayed (see Using Left Steering Wheel
Buttons on page 37).
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is cruising at a set speed. WhenTraffic-Aware  Cruise Control is
available but you haven't set a cruising speed, the icon is gray and the speed is not shown
(seeTraffic-Aware  Cruise Control on page 75).
Driving speed.
Autosteer is actively steering Model S. When Autosteer is available but you haven't activated
it, the icon is gray (see Autosteer on page 80).
On the Energy graph, dashed lines appear on the power meter if Model X is limiting power.
The dashed lines appear on the top portion (energy being used) when power available for
acceleration is being limited, and on the bottom portion (energy being gained) when power
that can be gained by regenerative braking is limited. Model X limits power for many reasons.
Here are just a few examples:
Acceleration may be limited when the Battery is reaching a low state of charge or if the
powertrain is hot.
Both acceleration and regenerative braking may be limited when the ambient temperature
is either very high or very low.
Regenerative braking may be limited when the Battery is fully charged.
Note: Use the right steering wheel buttons to control what displays on the right side of the
instrument panel (see Using Right Steering Wheel Buttons on page 38).
Pay attention to important alert messages that display here. If any alerts are ineffect,  you can
view information about them by touching the alert icon (exclamation mark) on the
touchscreen’s status bar (the topmost area of the touchscreen).
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