2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Auto Lane Change
If Model X is equipped with Driver Assistance
components (see About Driver Assistance on
page 72), and you have purchased the
optional Autopilot Tech Package, you can use
Auto Lane Change to move Model X into an
adjacent lane. When bothTraffic-Aware
Cruise Control and Autosteer are active, Auto
Lane Change intelligently assists you in
steering Model X into an adjacent driving lane.
Using the forward looking camera, the radar
sensor, and the ultrasonic sensors, Autosteer
detects lane markings and the presence of
other vehicles.
Operating Auto Lane Change
Before you can operate Auto Lane Change,
you must enable it by touching Controls >
Settings > Driver Assistance > Auto Lane
Change > On.
Note: Before you can turn on Auto Lane
Change, you must turn on Autosteer (see
Autosteer on page 80). Without Autosteer,
Auto Lane Change can not operate.
Note: Your chosen setting is retained until you
manually change it. It is also saved in your
Auto Lane Change is designed for use on
highways and main roads with visible lane
markings and under relatively predictable
circumstances in which minimal steering and
driver intervention is needed.
To change lanes using Auto Lane Change:
Perform visual checks to make sure it is
safe and appropriate to move into the
target lane.
Engage the turn signal and initiate the
lane change by having your hands on the
steering wheel.
Warning: It is the driver's responsibility to
determine whether a lane change is safe
and appropriate. Auto Lane Change can
not detect oncomingtraffic  in the target
lane, especially fast moving vehicles from
the rear. Therefore, before initiating a lane
change, always check blind spots, lane
markings, and the surrounding roadway
toconfirm  it is safe and appropriate to
move into the target lane.
Auto Lane Change assists in moving Model X
into the adjacent lane in the direction
indicated by the turn signal, provided the
following conditions are met:
Auto Lane Change detected your hands
on the steering wheel.
The Auto Lane Change setting is turned
The turn signal is engaged.
Warning: Never depend on Auto Lane
Change to determine an appropriate
driving path. Drive attentively by
watching the road andtraffic  ahead of
you and monitoring the instrument panel
for warnings. Always be prepared to take
immediate action.
Autosteer is actively steering Model X.
The ultrasonic sensors detect no vehicle
or obstacles up to the center of the target
Warning: Do not use Auto Lane Change
on city streets or on roads wheretraffic
conditions are constantly changing and
where bicycles and pedestrians are
The camera's view is not obstructed.
Lane Assist does not detect a vehicle in
the blind spot (see Lane Assist on page
Midway through the lane change, Auto
Lane Change can detect the outside lane
marking of the target lane.
Driving speed is at least 50 km/h in
situations where a vehicle is not detected
in front of Model X. If following a vehicle
ahead, Auto Lane Change works at any
Warning: The performance of Auto Lane
Change depends on the forward looking
camera's ability to recognize lane
Warning: Do not use Auto Lane Change
on winding roads with sharp curves, on
icy or slippery roads, or when weather
conditions (such as heavy rain, snow, fog,
etc.) may be obstructing the view from
the camera or sensors.
As the lane change is in progress, Overtake
Acceleration is activated, allowing Model X to
accelerate closer to a vehicle in front (see
Overtake Acceleration on page 77). Midway
through the lane change, Auto Lane Change
must be able to detect the target lane's
outside lane marking. If this lane marking can
not be detected, both Auto Lane Change and
Autosteer will cancel.
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