2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Wipers and Washers
De-icing Wipers
To make wiper blades easy to access so you
can remove any ice and snow, shift Model X
into Park, then use the touchscreen to move
them to the service position. Touch Controls >
Settings > Service & Reset > Service Mode >
ON. When parking in cold outdoor climates, it
is helpful to leave Model X with the wipers in
the service position. In this position, they are
closer to the defrost vent, allowing you to
thaw them by directing air from the climate
control system towards the windshield.
To wipe the windshield, rotate the end of the
left-hand steering column lever away from
you. You can choose from four levels:
1st: Auto with low rain sensitivity.*
2nd: Auto with high rain sensitivity.*
3rd: Continuous, slow.
4th: Continuous, fast.
Note: Wipers automatically return to their
normal position when you shift Model X out of
If Model X is equipped with the optional cold
weather package, you can de-ice wipers by
touching Controls > Cold Weather > Heated
Wipers. Wiper heaters automatically turnsoff
after 15 minutes.
For a single wipe, press and release the end of
the lever.
If the wipers are set to Auto and the sensor
detects no water, the wipers do not wipe.
When you operate the wipers, headlights
automatically turn on (if they are not on
Press the button on the end of the left
steering column lever to spray washerfluid
onto the windshield. You can press this button
at two levels. Press partially for a single wipe,
without any washerfluid.  Press fully for both
wipe and wash. When washing the windshield,
the wipers will perform two wipes after you
release the button, then a third wipe a few
seconds later.
*Model X has a rain sensor located on the
inside of the windshield at the base of the
interior mirror. When wipers are set to Auto,
the frequency at which they wipe depends on
how much water the sensor detects. When
wipers are set to the 2nd level, the sensor is
more sensitive.
To extend the life of wiper blades, remove ice
from the windshield before turning wipers on.
Ice has sharp edges that can damage the
rubber on the blades.
Periodically check and clean the edge of the
wiper blade. If damaged, contact Tesla
Periodically top up washerfluid  (see Topping
Caution: In harsh climates, ensure that the
wiper blades are not frozen or adhered to
the windshield.
Up Washer Fluid on page 147).
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