2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Safety & Security
Turn various safety and security features on andoff:
Passenger Front Airbag (see Disabling the Passenger Front Airbags on page 34).
Active safety devices Model X is equipped with, such as Park Assist Chimes (see Park
Assist on page 57).
Alarm, and security options Model X is equipped with (see Security Settings on page
Remote access by Tesla’s mobile applications (see Mobile App on page 124).
Manually control the touchscreen’s brightness and control its day (light background) or night
(dark background) setting. When set to Auto, the touchscreen automatically changes
between Day and Night brightness depending on the ambient lighting conditions. To disable
the touchscreen momentarily for cleaning purposes, touch Clean Mode. You can also put
Model X into an energy saving mode so it consumes less energy when not in use (see Getting
Maximum Range on page 63). Note that the Displays settings can also be accessed from the
Controls window.
If the HomeLink feature is available in your region, use it to control RF-enabled garage doors,
lights, or security systems.
Driver Assistance
If Model X is equipped with Driver Assistance components (see About Driver Assistance on
page 72) , you can control the features that provide a safer and more convenient driving
Cruise Control: Control whether you want to use Autosteer to intelligently keep Model X in
its driving lane when cruising at a set speed (see Autosteer on page 80). Also control
whether you want to use Auto Lane Change to move Model X into an adjacent lane
without touching the steering wheel (see Auto Lane Change on page 82).
Lane Assist: Control whether you want visual and audible warnings when an object, such
as a vehicle, is detected in your blind spot or traveling close to the side of Model X and if
you want the steering wheel to vibrate if a front wheel passes over a lane marking when
the associated turn signal isoff  (see Lane Assist on page 86).
Collision Avoidance Assist: Control if and when warnings display when a frontal collision is
considered likely (see Forward Collision Warning on page 88) and disable the automatic
emergency braking that occurs to minimize the impact of a collision (see Automatic
Emergency Braking on page 89).
Service & Reset
Turn various service-related features on andoff:
Service Mode: If on, moves wiper blades to the service position to make them easier to
access when replacing them. Model X must be in Park (see Wiper Blades and Washer Jets
on page 145).
Tire Pressure Monitor: Touch Reset Sensors to reset the TPMS sensors after replacing a
wheel (see Resetting the TPMS Sensors on page 137).
Tow Mode: Activate Tow Mode to keep Model X in Neutral (see Keeping Your Vehicle in
Neutral (Tow Mode) on page 42).
Factory Reset: Touch Erase & Reset to erase all personal data (saved addresses, music
favorites, etc.) and restore all customized settings to their factory defaults.
Display this owners manual.
Warning: Do not read the touchscreen while driving. Doing so increases the likelihood of a
Using the Touchscreen
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