2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Rear Trunk
To open the rear trunk, do one of the
To close the powered liftgate, do one of the
Touch Controls > Trunk on the
Double-click the rear trunk button on the
Press the switch located under the
exterior handle .
Double-click the trunk button on the key.
Touch Controls > Trunk on the
Press the switch located on the underside
of the liftgate (see Adjusting the Opening
Height on page 12).
If a powered liftgate senses an obstruction
when closing, it automatically opens and
sounds two chimes. Remove the obstruction
and try closing it again. If it cannot close the
second time, powered operation is temporarily
disabled. Close it manually to restore powered
Note: The power closing feature is also
temporarily disabled if you leave the powered
liftgate open for more than an hour.
Adjusting the Opening Height
You can adjust the opening height of the
powered liftgate to make it easier to reach:
When the liftgate is open, the
instrument panel displays the Door
Open indicator light. The image of
the Model X on the touchscreen
Controls window also displays the
open trunk.
Open the liftgate, then lower it to the
desired opening height.
To stop a powered liftgate while it is moving,
single-click the Trunk button on the key. Then,
when you double-click the Trunk button, it
moves again, but in the opposite direction
(provided it was not almost entirely open or
closed when you stopped it). For example, if
you single-click to stop the liftgate while it is
opening, when you double-click, it closes.
To open the trunk from inside in the unlikely
situation in which Model X has no electrical
power, see Opening with No Power on page
Press and hold the button on the
underside of the liftgate for two seconds
until you hear aconfirmation   beep.
Confirm that you have set it to the desired
height by closing the liftgate, then
reopening it.
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