2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Smart Air Suspension
Note: If Model X is equipped with Smart Air
Suspension, you may hear the sound of the
compressor when Model X starts, as the
system’s reservoirfills  with air.
Note: Available settings depend on your
driving speed and other conditions. For
example, the suspension does not lower if a
door is open.
Smart Air Suspension has both manual and
automatic modes of operation.
Location-Based Suspension
Location-Based suspension saves you from
manually having to raise the suspension every
time you arrive at a frequently-used location
where a higher suspension is needed (steep
driveways or ramps, deep snow, speed bumps,
Manual Height Adjustments
Caution: Before adjusting the suspension
height, ensure Model X is clear of all
obstacles, above and below.
Manually raising the height of Model X is
useful when you need extra ground clearance,
such as steep driveways or ramps, deep snow,
speed bumps, etc.
Whenever you raise the suspension to High or
Very High, Model X saves the location.
When you return to the saved location,
Model X raises the suspension and the
instrument panel displays this message:
With Model X powered on, or the brake pedal
pressed, use the touchscreen to manually
change the ride height. Touch Controls >
Suspension, then choose from:
Very High. When set to Very High, the
suspension automatically lowers to High
when driving speed reaches 35 km/h.
High. When set to High, the suspension
automatically lowers to Standard when
driving speed reaches 55 km/h.
Standard. The Standard setting ensures
optimum comfort and handling under all
loading conditions.
Low. Lowering the height can make it
easier to load or unload cargo and
To raise the suspension to High, you must
be driving slower than 55 km/h. To raise it
to Very High, you must be driving slower
than 35 km/h. If you are driving faster
than these speeds when returning to a
saved location, the suspension does not
raise until Model X slows down.
After leaving a saved location, the
suspension may not lower based on an
automatic lowering speed that you have
set (Controls > Suspension > Automatic
Lowering) until you are driving faster than
the auto-raising speed thresholds
described above.
Very Low. This setting is performed
manually and applies to the current drive
If Model X reaches a saved location and
the existing suspension setting is higher
than the level that has been saved for that
location, the suspension is not adjusted.
To remove an auto-raising location
If you do not want the suspension to auto-
raise at a saved location, touch the X in the
auto-raising location status message that
displays at a saved location. Doing so removes
the auto-raise location and the suspension no
longer raises automatically when you arrive at
the location.
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