2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

When paired, Model X automatically connects
to the phone, and the touchscreen displays
the Bluetooth symbol next to the phone’s
name to show that the connection is active.
You can use your Bluetooth-capable phone
hands-free in Model X provided your phone is
within operating range. Although Bluetooth
typically supports wireless communication
over distances of up to approximately
Importing Contacts
phone you are using.
metres, performance can vary based on the
Once paired, you can use the Bluetooth
settings screen to specify whether you want
to allow access to your phone’s contacts and
recent calls.
Before using your phone with Model X, you
must pair it. Pairing sets up Model X to work
with your Bluetooth-capable phone (see
Pairing a Bluetooth Phone on page 115).
If access is turned on, you can see your list of
contacts on the Model X touchscreen. Touch
Phone > Contacts. You can then touch a
contact to dial its phone number or navigate
to its address.
You can pair up to ten Bluetooth phones.
Model X always automatically connects to the
last phone that was used (provided it is within
range). If you want to connect to adifferent
phone, see Connecting to a Paired Phone on
page 116.
Note: Before contacts can be imported, you
may need to either set your phone to allow
syncing, or respond to a popup on your phone
toconfirm  that it is OK to sync contacts. This
varies depending on the type of phone you
are using. For details, refer to the owner
documentation provided with your phone.
Note: On many phones, Bluetooth turnsoff   if
the phone’s battery is low.
Note: In addition to phones, you can also pair
Bluetooth-enabled devices with Model X. For
example, you can pair an iPod Touch or an
iPad or Android tablet to stream music.
If access is turned on, imported information is
displayed when you touch the contacts tab on
the Phone app.
Pairing a Bluetooth Phone
Note: For security reasons, erase your
contacts if you sell Model X (see Erasing
Personal Data on page 104).
Pairing sets up Model X to work with your
Bluetooth-capable phone. Once a phone is
paired, Model X can connect to it whenever
the phone is within range.
Unpairing a Bluetooth Phone
To pair a phone, follow these steps while
sitting inside Model X:
If you want to disconnect your phone and use
it again later, simply touch Disconnect on the
Bluetooth settings screen. If you do not want
to use your phone with Model X again, touch
Forget This Device. Once you forget a device,
you need to pair it again if you want to use it
with Model X (see Pairing a Bluetooth Phone
on page 115).
Ensure both the touchscreen and the
phone are powered on.
On the touchscreen’s status bar, touch the
Bluetooth icon.
On your phone, enable Bluetooth and set
it to discoverable.
On the Model X touchscreen, touch Start
Search. The touchscreen searches then
displays the list of all available Bluetooth
devices within operating distance.
Note: Your phone automatically disconnects
whenever you leave Model X.
On the Model X touchscreen, touch the
phone with which you want to pair. Within
a few seconds, the touchscreen displays a
randomly generated number, and your
phone should display the same number.
Check that the number displayed on your
phone matches the number displayed on
the touchscreen. Then, on your phone,
confirm that you want to pair.
Using the Touchscreen
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