2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Fluid Reservoirs
Checking Brake Fluid
Topping Up Washer Fluid
Warning: Contact Tesla immediately if you
notice increased movement of the brake
pedal or asignificant  loss of brakefluid.
Driving under these conditions can result
in extended stopping distances or
complete brake failure.
The only reservoir into which you can addfluid
is the washerfluid  reservoir located under the
front trunk. When the level is low, a message
displays on the instrument panel.
Do not use formulated washerfluids   that
contain water repellent or bug wash. These
fluids can cause streaking, smearing, and
squeaking or other noises.
The Brake indicator on the
instrument panel alerts you if the
quantity offluid  in the brake
reservoir drops below the
Operate the washers periodically to check that
the nozzles are clear and properly directed.
recommended level. If it displays
while driving, stop as soon as safety
permits by gently applying the
brakes. Do not continue driving.
Contact Tesla immediately.
To top up washerfluid:
Clean thefiller  cap before opening to
prevent dirt from entering the reservoir.
Open thefiller   cap.
Fluid Level Check
Tesla checks the brakefluid  level at the
regularly scheduled maintenance intervals.
Topping Up the Brake Fluid
Do not top up your brakefluid.  Tesla service
does this when you bring Model X in for
regular servicing. The following instructions
are provided for information purposes and
future reference only:
Clean thefiller  cap before removing to
prevent dirt from entering the reservoir.
Fill the reservoir until thefluid  level is
visible just below thefiller   neck.
Replace thefiller   cap.
Unscrew the cap and remove.
Top up the reservoir to the MAX mark
using brakefluid  meeting DOT3
Note: Some national or local regulations
restrict the use of Volatile Organic
Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are commonly
used as antifreeze in washerfluid.  Use a
washerfluid  with limited VOC content only if it
provides adequate freeze resistance for all
climates in which you drive Model X.
Replace thefiller   cap.
Warning: Only use newfluid  from a sealed
air-tight container. Never use previously
usedfluid  orfluid  from a previously
openedcontainer—fluid  absorbs moisture
which decreases braking performance.
Caution: Under no circumstances do you
need to inspect or top up otherfluid
reservoirs. Two additionalfluid   reservoirs
are located next to the washerfluid,   but
underneath the maintenance panel. In the
unlikely event that you see a message on
the instrument panel that one of these
fluid levels is low, stop Model X as soon as
safe to do so, and contact Tesla.
Warning: Brakefluid  is highly toxic. Keep
containers sealed and out of the reach of
children. In the event of accidental
consumption, seek medical attention
Caution: Brakefluid  damages painted
surfaces. Immediately soak up any spills
with an absorbent cloth and wash the
area with a mixture of car shampoo and
Caution: Do not spill washerfluid  on body
panels. Doing so can cause damage. Wipe
up spills immediately and wash the
affected area with water.
Warning: In temperatures below 4° C, use
a washerfluid  with antifreeze. In cold
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