2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Speed Assist
How Speed Assist Works
If you set the speed limit warning to Display
(see Controlling Speed Assist on page 91),
the speed limit sign on the instrumental panel
increases in size whenever you exceed the
speed limit.
If Model X is equipped with Autopilot
components (see About Driver Assistance on
page 72), the forward looking camera detects
speed limit signs. The signs are then analyzed
and compared against GPS data to determine
the speed limit at your current driving
location. For routes where no signs are
present, speed limits are determined using
GPS data (if available). Instead of determining
the speed limit based on signs and GPS data,
you can also manually enter an arbitrary speed
If you set the speed limit warning to Chime
(see Controlling Speed Assist on page 91)
and exceed the speed limit, you also hear a
warning chime.
Note: Speed limit warnings go away after 10
seconds, or when Model X slows down below
thespecified   limit.
Warning: Do not rely on Speed Assist to
determine the appropriate speed limit.
Always drive at a safe speed based on
traffic and road conditions.
When Speed Assist is turned on (described
below), the instrument panel displays a speed
limit sign. Warnings (described below) take
effect when you exceed this limit.
Controlling Speed Assist
To turn Speed Assist on oroff,  and control
how it works, touch Controls > Settings >
Driver Assistance > Speed Limit Warning, then
choose one of these options:
Off. The speed limit is not displayed.
Display. Speed limit signs display on the
instrument panel and when you exceed
the limit, the sign gets larger.
Chime. In addition to the visual display,
you'll hear a chime whenever you exceed
the speed limit.
You can also specify how the speed limit is
Relative. The speed limit is determined
automatically based on detectedtraffic
signs and GPS data. If desired, you can set
a speed limitoffset  (+ or -) if you want to
be alerted only when you exceed the
speed limit by aspecified  amount. For
example, you would increase theoffset   to
km/h if you only want to be alerted
when you exceed the speed limit by
In situations where Speed Assist is unable to
detect a speed (for example, speed limit signs
and GPS data are not available at the current
location), the instrument panel does not
display a speed limit sign. If Speed Assist is
uncertain that an acquired speed limit is
accurate (for example, although a speed limit
sign was initially detected, some time has
passed before a subsequent sign has been
detected), the speed limit sign is dimmed. In
both cases, warnings do not takeeffect.
Absolute. Manually specify any speed limit
between 30 and 240 km/h.
Note: GPS data is not always accurate. The
GPS can misjudge the road's location and
provide the speed limit for a directly adjacent
road that may have adifferent  speed limit. For
example, the GPS can assume Model X is on a
freeway when it’s actually on a nearby surface
street, and vice versa.
Note: Your chosen setting is retained until you
manually change it. It is also saved in your
Driver Assistance
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