2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Child Safety Seats
Seating Larger Children
To securely hold child safety seats, all
passenger seating positions are equipped with
an automatic locking retractor (ALR) that, by
pulling the seat belt beyond the length
needed for a typical adult occupant, locks the
belt into place until the seat belt is unbuckled
and the webbing is fully retracted. The ALR
mechanism operates as a ratchet, winding in
slack and preventing the seat belt from
extending any further until it has been
completely rewound. When installing a child
safety seat, engage the belt's automatic
locking retractor by pulling the seat belt
webbing until it is fully extended. The ALR
system engages only when the seat belt is at
its maximum extension point.
If a child is too large tofit  into a child safety
seat, but too small to safelyfit  into the
standard seat belts, use a booster seat
appropriate for the child’s age and size.
Carefully follow the manufacturer’s
instructions to secure the booster seat using
the seat belts. Do not use the ISOFIX system
to secure booster seats, even in situations
where the booster seat is equipped with the
ISOFIX system.
Installing Child Safety Seats
There are two general methods used to install
child safety seats:
Note: An automatic locking retractor
disengages only when the seat belt is
unbuckled and fully retracted. The belt can
then be worn as a normal belt, sliding freely in
and out and locking tight only in an
emergency. Once disengaged, the belt must
be fully extended to re-engage the locking
mechanism whenever you install a child safety
Seat belt retained - these seats are
secured using the vehicle’s seat belts (see
Installing Seat Belt Retained Child Seats
on page 27).
ISOFIX retained - these seats can attach
to anchor bars built into the vehicle’s rear
seats (see Installing ISOFIX Child Seats on
page 28).
Check the child safety seat manufacturer’s
instructions and the table on Child Safety
Seats on page 24 to determine which
installation method to use. Some child safety
seats can be installed using either method.
Always follow the child safety seat
Always follow the detailed instructions
provided by the child safety seat
manufacturer. General guidelines are provided
Place the child safety seat in Model X, and
fully extend the seat belt. Route and
buckle the seat belt in accordance with
the child safety seat manufacturer’s
manufacturer’s instructions.
Installing Seat Belt Retained Child
First, make sure that the child falls into the
correct weight range for the seat.
Avoid dressing the child in bulky clothing and
do not place any objects between the child
and the restraint system.
Adjust harnesses for every child, every trip.
Allow the seat belt to retract, and remove
all slack in the seat belt whilefirmly
pushing the child safety seat into the
Model X seat.
Seating and Safety Restraints
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