2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Airbag Warning Indicator
Warning: Do not allow passengers to
obstruct the operation of an airbag by
placing feet, knees or any other part of
the body on or near an airbag.
The airbag indicator on the
instrument panel remains lit if the
airbag system is malfunctioning. The
only time this indicator should light
up isbriefly  when Model Xfirst
powers up, in which case it turnsoff
within a few seconds. If it remains lit,
contact Tesla immediately and do
not drive.
Warning: Do not attach or place objects
on or near the front airbags, the side of
the front seats, the headliner at the side
of the vehicle, or any other airbag cover
that could interfere withinflation  of an
airbag. Objects can cause serious injury if
the vehicle is in a collision severe enough
to cause the airbag toinflate.
Airbag Warnings
Warning: Followinginflation,  some airbag
components are hot. Do not touch until
they have cooled.
Warning: No objects should be placed
over or near the air bag on the instrument
panel, because any such objects could
cause harm if the vehicle is in a crash
severe enough to cause the air bag to
Warning: All occupants, including the
driver, should always wear their seat belts,
whether or not an airbag is also provided
at their seating position, to minimize the
risk of severe injury or death in the event
of a collision.
Warning: Front seat occupants should not
place their arms over the airbag module,
as aninflating  bag can cause fractures or
other injuries.
Warning: Do not use seat covers on
Model X. Doing so could restrict
deployment of the side air bags if an
accident occurs. It can also reduce the
accuracy of the occupant detection
Warning: Airbagsinflate   with
considerable speed and force, which can
cause injury. To limit injuries, ensure that
occupants are wearing seat belts and are
correctly seated, with the seat positioned
as far back as possible.
Warning: Do not use a child safety seat or
seat young children on a seat with an
operational airbag in front of it. Doing so
can cause injury or death if the airbag
Warning: To ensure correctinflation  of the
side airbags, maintain an unobstructed
gap between an occupant’s torso and the
side of Model X.
Warning: Passengers should not lean their
heads against the doors. Doing so can
cause injury if a curtain airbaginflates.
Seating and Safety Restraints
Product Specification
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