2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Falcon wing doors
drive Model X away from its key, you will
be unable to power it back on after it
Double-click to open/close the
associated falcon wing door.
Single-click to stop movement of the
associated falcon wing door.
Subsequently double-clicking reverses
movement of the falcon wing door.
For example if the door was opening,
it closes, and vice versa.
Caution: Protect the key from impact,
high temperatures, and damage from
liquids. Avoid contact with solvents,
waxes and abrasive cleaners.
Replacing the Key Battery
Note: Falcon wing doors are designed
to proactively detect obstacles that
prevent the doors from moving when
an obstacle is detected. To override
obstacle detection, hold down the top
button while double-clicking to open/
close the door.
The key’s battery lasts for approximately a
year. When the battery is low, a message
displays on the instrument panel. Follow these
steps to replace it:
With the key placed button side down on
a soft surface, use a smallflat-bladed   tool,
afingernail,  or the Tesla-provided tool* to
release the bottom cover.
Warning: Model X falcon wing
doors have several sensors to
detect the presence of an object
in the door's path. In most cases,
when an object is detected, the
door stops moving. However, the
sensors are unable to detect all
areas under all circumstances,
particularly when closing,
Therefore, you must monitor the
movement of falcon wing doors
to ensure the door's path of
movement is free of obstacles,
staying prepared at all times to
proactively intervene to stop the
door from contacting an object
(including a person). Failure to
due so can cause serious damage
or bodily injury.
*For convenience, Tesla provides a special
tool to make it easy to open the battery
cover. This tool was included in the box
containing your key when Model X was
initially purchased.
You do not need to point the key at Model X,
but you must be within operating range
(which varies depending on the strength of
the key’s battery).
Note: If a lanyard is attached to the key
(see Attaching a Lanyard on page 6),
you can release the bottom cover by
placing your thumb against the "X" on the
bottom cover, thenfirmly  pulling the
lanyard toward you (hence pushing the
keyoff  of its cover). You can also pry the
coveroff  by placing a smallflat-bladed
tool, afingernail,  or the Tesla-provided
tool against the lanyard cord.
If Model X is unable to detect the key, the
touchscreen displays a message indicating
that a key is not inside. Place the key where
Model X can best detect it, which is below the
power socket (see Key Not Inside on page
Radio equipment on a similar frequency can
affect the key. If this happens, move the key at
least 30 cm away from other electronic
devices (phone, laptop, etc). If the key does
not work, you may need to change its battery.
If the key’s battery is discharged, you can
open Model X by following the unlocking
procedure (see Unlocking When the Key
Doesn't Work on page 9).
Caution: Remember to bring the key with
you when you drive. Although you can
Opening and Closing
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