2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Traffic-Aware Cruise Control
When following a vehicle,Traffic-Aware   Cruise
Control remains active at low speeds, even if
Model X comes to a standstill while following a
vehicle. Whentraffic  is moving again,Traffic-
Aware Cruise Control resumes operating at
your currently set speed. However, if a
pedestrian or object is detected in front of
Model X,Traffic-Aware  Cruise Control goes
into a HOLD state and the instrument panel
displays a message indicating that you need
to resume cruise control. To resume, press the
accelerator pedal or pull the cruise control
lever toward you (see Canceling and
Warning:Traffic-Aware  Cruise Control
may occasionally brake Model X when not
required or you are not expecting it. This
can be caused by closely following a
vehicle ahead, detecting vehicles or
objects in adjacent lanes (especially on
curves), etc.
Adjust your following distance
To adjust the distance you want to maintain
between Model X and a vehicle traveling
ahead of you, rotate the cruise control lever to
choose a setting from 1 (the closest following
distance) to 7 (the longest following distance).
Each setting corresponds to a time-based
distance that represents how long it takes for
Model X, from its current location, to reach the
location of the rear bumper of the vehicle
Resuming on page 78).
Note: If you double-pull the cruise control
lever, Autosteer activates and the set speed
changes to your current driving speed.
WhenTraffic-Aware  Cruise Control is actively
slowing down Model X to maintain the
selected distance from the vehicle ahead, the
brake lights turn on to alert other road users
that you are slowing down. You may also
notice slight movement of the brake pedal.
Warning:Traffic-Aware  Cruise Control
can not detect all objects and may not
brake/decelerate for stationary vehicles,
especially in situations when you are
driving over 80 km/h and a vehicle you
are following moves out of your driving
path and a stationary vehicle or object,
bicycle, or pedestrian is in front of you
instead. Always pay attention to the road
ahead and stay prepared to take
Note: A horizontal line displays on the
instrument panel to represent your following
distance from a vehicle ahead (see Instrument
Panel - Driving on page 46).
immediate corrective action. Depending
onTraffic-Aware  Cruise Control to avoid
a collision can result in serious injury or
death. In addition,Traffic-Aware   Cruise
Control may react to vehicles or objects
that either do not exist or are not in the
lane of travel, causing Model X to slow
down unnecessarily or inappropriately.
As you rotate the cruise control lever, the
instrument panel displays the current setting.
Release the lever when the desired setting is
Warning:Traffic-Aware  Cruise Control
may be unable to provide adequate
speed control because of limited braking
capability and hills. It can also misjudge
the distance from a vehicle ahead. Driving
downhill can increase driving speed,
causing Model X to exceed your set
speed. Never depend onTraffic-Aware
Cruise Control to slow down the vehicle
enough to prevent a collision. Always
keep your eyes on the road when driving
and be prepared to take corrective action
as needed. Depending onTraffic-Aware
Cruise Control to slow the vehicle down
enough to prevent a collision can result in
serious injury or death.
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