2016 Tesla Model X Owners Manual

Charging Instructions
Opening the Charge Port
If this happens, use the touchscreen to open
the charge port door.
The charge port is located on the passenger
side of Model X, behind a door that is part of
the rear tail light assembly.
Caution: The connector end of the charge
cable can damage the paint if dropped
onto Model X.
Park Model X so that the charge cable easily
reaches the charge port.
Caution: Do not attempt to force the
charge port door open. Doing so can
damage the latch. A damaged latch
cannot hold the door closed.
With Model X unlocked, or a recognized key
nearby, press and release the button on a Tesla
charge cable to open the charge port door. If
the cable you are using does not have this
button, you can also open the charge port
door using any of these methods:
Plugging In
If desired, use the touchscreen to change the
charge limit and the charging current.
Touch Controls > Doors > Charge Port on
the touchscreen.
If you are using the Mobile Connector, plug it
into the power outlet before plugging it into
Model X.
Hold down the rear trunk button on the
key for 1-2 seconds.
Align the connector to the charge port and
insert fully. When the connector is properly
inserted, charging begins automatically after
Model X:
Engages a latch that holds the connector
in place.
Shifts into Park (if it was in any other
Heats or cools the Battery, if needed. If
the Battery requires heating or cooling,
you may notice a delay before charging
Note: Whenever Model X is plugged in but not
actively charging, it draws energy from the
wall instead of using energy stored in the
Battery. For example, if you are sitting in
Model X and using the touchscreen while
parked and plugged in, Model X draws energy
from the wall outlet instead of the Battery.
To charge at a public charging station, attach
an adapter to the station’s charging connector.
The most commonly used adapter(s) for each
market region are supplied with Model X.
Depending on the charging equipment you
are using, you may need to start and stop
charging using a control on the charging
Note: The charge port lights up white when
you open the charge port door. If you do not
connect a charge cable, the light eventually
Note: If you do not insert the charge cable into
the charge port within a few minutes after
opening the charge port door, the latch closes.
Model X Owner's Manual
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